Here is My Secret to a Fresh Face in Just 5-Minutes (TIPS)

make up in a rush

Whether you’re expecting, a new mom or a veteran mom, there are many times when you may find yourself without time to put on make up, but need to look fresh. First impressions are important and so you want to put your best face forward all the time. I have friends who feel naked without make up and take over an hour to apply makeup before any outing.

Many of us hurried moms, however, don’t necessarily have all that time. I love professional make up for special outings but it isn’t always financially feasible and most times, I have 15 to 20 minutes to get myself together before heading out.

Here is my secret to a natural look in about 5 minutes tops.

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First, apply a gloss in a light pink, nude or other natural soft tone. If you’re heading to an evening event, you can go with a darker hue like plum or crimson.

Next, add liquid eye liner to the bottom of your upper lid and a light stroke for the under lid, but not too much because you don’t want to look too vampy. You want just enough to bring out your eyes. Liquid is better in a pinch because you don’t have to fret if your eye pencil isn’t sharpened.

I recently figured out that light blush can make anyone look cheery and fresh-faced. To figure out where to apply blush, make a big smile big and brush  the apple of your cheeks. Just a touch.

Put on a couple layers of mascara for upper and lower lashes. Add a shimmery gold eye shadow to your lids.  Then finish off with a light dusting of bronzer to set the look. If you have portable make up set spray, you can fix the look with a few pumps so it can last longer without needing a touch up.

And you’re good!  If you don’t have these make up products, I’ve curated a collection below or use them as an inspiration or for reference when you head to your make up counter or drug store.


Good luck moms — xoxo JJ, Bellyitch editor-in-chief

jj ghatt bellyitchblog.com

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