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3 Tips for Making Memorable Baby Shower Gifting A Breeze

Once you hit that certain age, it seems like every one of your friends is having a baby. Every other weekend you have a baby shower and the birth announcements are inundating your mail. Buying baby shower and newborn gifts can be stressful.

Things Remembered, Pottery Barn, BabyBox.com, Stork Baby and a few other companies offer personalized gift boxes to help make the process seamless, but Rock a Box Babyclaims to be the first customizable baby gift box company.

Kylie Kaufman, its founder,  offers on how to get through all your baby shower and newborn shopping:

Keep it simple: You more than likely have numerous baby gifts to buy, so don’t spend too much time stressing about what to buy. “Our boxes are so simple and easy, they take less than a few minutes to make, yet look super sophisticated. People will think you spent a ton of time, but in reality, you didn’t,” Kaufman explained. Moral of story, find one gift that you can give to everyone, yet looks custom.

Give something that will last forever: Babies grow so quickly, so why spend hundreds of dollars on stuff that they will use for weeks or months. “Our boxes are meant to last forever. They’re lacquer keepsake boxes with names and monograms that look adorable in nurseries as well as nightstands in master bedrooms. They grow with the baby.”

Don’t break the bank: Baby shower and newborn gifts don’t come cheap when you have one every other weekend. Before you know it, half of your paycheck is going to baby showers. “Our boxes start at $25 and can go north of $250. Because they’re completely custom, you can pick exactly how much you spend.”

Good luck shopping!

The 9 Hottest Toys Kids Want to Unwrap This Christmas


There are only three shopping days until Christmas. By now, if you haven’t picked up one of this season’s hottest, most sought-after toys, then, it might be too late. These toys are hard to obtain and are out-of-stock lots of places. In contrast to larger toys like kids ride on cars, these toys are perfect for playing inside.

We looked and found a few still available online for order but not all would arrive in time for Christmas. If you don’t have a kid who is keen on getting a rain check in their gift box, you might want to go to plan B.

Well, anyway, if you are curious to know, here is the list of the hottest toys this season including these cool gift suggestions for 10 year old girls and according to all the little kids we interviewed and some insider research we conducted with retailers and online communities where rugrats (ours) frequent!

1. Zoomer Fashion Pony  

2. LEGO Ninjago Movie Destiny’s Bounty 70618 (2295 Piece)

3. Nintendo Switch Gaming Console  

4. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

5. Air Hogs – X-Stream Video Drone

6. Aquabeads Beginners Studio

7. Cozmo

8. GBD Kids Game Smart Watches 

9. 12 Inch Kids LCD Writing Tablet eWriter Draw Board with Stylus 

Again: Our Teacher’s Gift Guide for You Last Minute Shoppers

Bellyitch Rewind

Tomorrow is the First Day of Winter is coming and we are heavy into the Holiday Gifting season. If you missed our Teacher Gift Guide shared last month, we are reposting it again in case you need inspiration:

Parents often want to give their child’s teacher a nice gift as a thank you for the school year. In a lot of school systems, it may be not permissible to spend too much money on a gift so I curated a guide of 9 unique and thoughtful novelty gifts, all under $20, that would put a smile on the face of your child’s fave teacher and may be used in the classroom for years to come, even…

  1. Tears of My Students Gift Mug – $13.49

This funny mug by Tekoware is microwave and dishwasher safe and is a clever take off of the “tears” drinking-memes in the Internet e.g. drinking the tears of someone who is whining or complaining. Typically, it is short for “save it! I’m not falling for it.” A teacher with a good sense of humor would appreciate this mug.

2. Math Wall Clock – $15.95

This unique clock signals the time with a simple math equation that equals the number that would ordinarily be on an average clock. This novel gift would warm your kid’s math teacher’s face and make a fun classroom ornament.


3. Handmade leather Journal –  $16.99

Any teacher would appreciate this eco-friendly handmade leather cover journal by The Great Indian Bazaar. It is not lined so it can be used to jot down notes, doodle, sketch, as a recipe book, organizer or travel journal. It is unisex and can be given to a male or female teacher. It has an old world charm to it.


4. Camera print Pillow – $9

The art or photography class teacher will just love this linen cotton covered pillow featuring an old time camera on it. The 100%  natural blend pillow by Monkeysell is 18×18 shaped and is a delightful and attractive home decor item that can also be used to support teacher’s back during a long or late afternoon class.

5. Field Notes -$12.95

Whether it’s a teacher retreat or planning day or a continuing education lecture, every teacher needs to organize and chronicle her mental notes into some nice space. This 3-pack of field notes journals is perfect and functional. Show your fave teacher that you got her back!

6. Aloe Vera Eye Mask – $15.99

Though every teacher considers his/her students to be perfect angels, there is no doubt that s/he need some pampering and self-care time to decompress after challenging lesson or after grading 30 papers on the Gettysburg address. Phew!! Give her some eye relief with these aloe-vera eye gels that can be cool or hot.

7. Composition Notebook Tote – $18.00

The one thing that is on every school supply list every year is a composition book. And wouldn’t it be cute to gift your teacher this 100% cotton tote made of a print like that same book? The company “Out of Print” makes this bag and gives to charity one bag for each bag purchased. Your gift to teacher would also give back! How perfect! With this gift, your teacher will be the talk of the next teacher convention or retreat!

8. Funny Socks 5-pack –  $19.99

These fun socks by Socks n Socks come with science, nature studies and other school subject themes printed on them. They are a zany but fun gift for any teacher. They have spandex in them and can fit anyone wearing men shoe size 7 -12.

9. Peace and Tranquility Candle – $13.00

During the busy school  year,  your teacher may not realize sitting in a room while a scented aromatherapy candle burns may be just the therapy s/he needs after a rough semester. You can come to your fave teacher’s rescue by gifting her/him Chesapeake Bay candle company’s Peace and Tranquilty candle from its Mind and Body collection. If permissible, teach can burn this candle after recess to get rid of that gym class funk! ha!

A Gift Guide for That Guy Who Has Everything

After sharing 8 gift ideas for that posh rich girl who has everything, we knew we had to do the same for that guy or dad in your life who has it all. For these fellas who can purchase anything they want, it’s a great idea to go with something that is super unique and out-of-this-world amazing!

Here are our 8 picks:



Give this guy a one-of-a-kind memorable experience.

Check out If Only which offers some super amazing gifts like a Balloon expedition over Mount Everest, Overnight Alaskan Dogsled Expedition with an Iditarod Legend, Cigar Rolling in Nicaragua Quarterback Camp with former 49er  and Superbowl Champ; Grand Prix Weekend in the owner’s suite: ride in an Indy Car, meet drivers; Helicopter flight lessons over New York, Custom-built drone and two-hour pilot lesson and more exotic adventures that the average person would never get an opportunity to do.

A vintage Rolex Watch– Make sure you purchase one from a certified retailer or re seller. Amazon has one available for about $3,000.

Gift him the stars, well really his name in the sky by registering a star in his name. Go to the Star Registry which is the industry standard. It’s great because if  you order right now,  Star-Name-Registry can get your order to you in just a few hours!

Make a living donation to a new building, structure or space that is to be built which engraves the name of the donor in stone. It’s a great way to do good in his name and he will be excited to see that his moniker would live in infamy!

A subscription gift box for wine, razors, health, snacks or some other box. It’s that gift that keeps on giving! I love Urthbox healthy snack box!

Anything engraved. Money clips, a robe or towels, whatever. Most people, including wealthy guys, don’t usually get personalized items for themselves. It is not too late if you can get to a local mall. There are kiosks and shops that engrave while you shop!

A Tech gift or gadget. We are a firm believer that guys will never say no to yet another tech gadget so if you get the guy who has everything a new phone case, like or a camera or the like, you are in good.  A fave is this iPhone 8 Plus/7Plus/ or 6Plus leather case that has a spine of a historic book by 12 South. You can get it from Macfixit Australia for just $59.99

Something vintage. Anything that is from yesteryear. What is old is new again and much sought after. A vintage jukebox player, pool stick or phonograph player like CDW’s Electrohome Signature Vinyl Record Player would put a smile on that face!


Happy Shopping!

The 10 Hostess Gifts Commonly Given During the Holidays

The holiday season calls for entertaining and being entertained, in other people’s homes at cocktail parties, open houses, family and friends’ gatherings.

It is common etiquette to take the host a hostess gift, a small token of gratitude for opening their home and planning a gathering.

Here are the top 10 common things people bring to hosts:

1. A bottle of wine. This can be any variety and presented in a festive gift bag.

2. A box of chocolates. Everyone loves chocolates and the season is about decadent excessive eating after all. Godiva is a fave, as is Ghirardelli or anything Swiss.

3. Note cards. Nice notecards are the type of things people don’t buy for themselves ordinarily so that’s a great gift.

4. A nice plotted plant or flowers. These can last he season of taken care of well. Great gift. A succulent plant is great because they can thrive in any weather or environment practically!

5. Scented candles. Fragrances to mask the smell of cooking and make the home aromatic are wonderful.

6. Gift sets. Whether it’s candy, scented soaps or lotions, anything tied in a nice bow would work. Even cookies!

7. Olive Oil. Many kitchen stores and gourmet gifts stores sell olive oil in nice decorative decanters.

8. Tree Ornaments. Why not give the host a new ornament to decorate the tree with this year or next?

9. Wine Tags. Stores sell these tags that guests use to identify their glass of wine or decorate a wine bottle. They’re inexpensive but classy

10. Picture Frame. Buy a frame with a nice saying or that is a conversation piece on its own.

Good luck shopping and don’t forget to pick up your hostess gifts while you’re out.

8 Expensive Gifts for that Mom Who has Everything (Gift Guide)

It can be tough to shop for the posh mom (an expectant or new) who has everything.

This one is for the dads and partners out there who were wondering what to give that woman who has everything.

1. Any mom would be happy to receive a Tiffany blue box, especially if in it there is a Tiffany & Co. Bezzet Yellow Diamond Ring in platinum with a yellow diamond in an 18k gold bezel setting. Cushioned in modified fancy intense yellow diamond, carat total weight 1.57 Get it at Tiffany’s for a mere $27,100.

A second runner up is the Halo Princess Cut Pendant With Micro Pave Diamonds In 14K White Gold which sells for $675.

It is a square center princess-cut diamond surrounded by a dazzling pavé-set diamonds. 

2. If she is a bag freak and doesn’t already have one, you can get her the Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag which costs $120,000. These bags are named a after British singer and actress Jane Birkin. The clasp of this tote, which is actually made out of a crocodile, features 10 carats of white diamonds.

This bag isn’t even the most expensive! But a white Himalaya Birkin, handmade from Niloticus albino crocodile with more than 240 diamonds on its 18-karat-gold hardware tops the list at $371, 261.

Less expensive bags are available starting at $7,000 from the Vistiare Collective and there is no waiting list!

3. If that rich mom in your life loves sweet smells, you can get her one of the world’s most expensive bottle of perfume, Clive Christian No. 1 which sells for $2,150 for 2 ounces. The perfume is an extravagant combination of Indian jasmine, mandarin and sandalwood. Its bottle is handmade from lead crystal, while the neck is 24-karat gold-plated sterling silver, set with a solitaire.

But luckily for you, you can get a smaller 1.7 ounce vial at Nordstrom these days starting at about $880.00

4. If that spoiled rich mom has a sweet tooth, she may appreciate getting a dark chocolate truffle from Knipschildt. Wrapped in gold and handcrafted with 71% pure Ecuadorian dark chocolate, this mini indulgence rightfully earned the

title of most expensive truffle in the world. La Madeline au Truffle, $250 per truffle. With candy that rich, you have to cherish every calorie.

For $158, you can get an entire box for her box of 12 assorted chocolates from Knipschildt.

5. My favorite gift is anything spa related. If your mom has time on her schedule, book her a spa trip to the Hotel Victor in South Beach (which was bought out by the Hyatt) It offers guests of its penthouse suite the opportunity to lounge in a tub filled with 1,000 liters of pure Evian water, fuchsia, and orange Gerber daisies. Serena Williams was the first to try out the $5,000 bath, which is given in a 350-gallon infinity tub. You can also snack on smoked salmon lollipops, foie gras and chocolate as you bathe.

6. A monogrammed robe. For the first weeks after the baby is born, a new mom will be restless, sleepless, and anxious trying to navigate her new role, nurse, recover and heal from the pains of labor and delivery and entertaining guests. It can be overwhelming. Nothing can make a new mom feel comfortable and comforted than being enveloped in a nice plush robe, especially during cold and crisp Fall or Winter nights. Having it monogrammed adds the nice extra special touch. For those in warmer climates, a pretty frilly robe in pastels, paisley or other feminine design can help a new mom feel sensual during a time when she may be dealing with bloating and other pregnancy side effects. Brookstone sells a nice one, the Nab Robe, starting at $69.95.

7. Plush slippers– Many new moms experience water retention in their feet and legs during and immediately after giving birth. C-Section moms have it even worse because surgery creates even more water build up. As such, many moms quickly become to realize that they may not be able to fit into their old shoes and won’t for a while. A great warm and comfy pair of slippers would be an ideal for any new mom, for lounging around the home or just for slipping into after a day out and about on feet that are still recovering from childbirth. Ralph Lauren makes a comfy shearling slipper that retails for $75.

8. Anything from Tiffany’s – The sight of that little blue box can put a glimmer in any woman’s eye. For a new mom whose fingers may be swollen from retaining water, she may be upset and frustrated that she can no longer fit her wedding or engagement ring. Rather than put it away, wouldn’t it be a wonderful surprise to present her with a lovely chain to hang the rings on and wear around her neck so she can keep the symbol of your love and fidelity by her heart? Yes. Yes indeed. And as a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things Tiffany’s related, believe me, that you are sure to find a necklace in a variety of budgets at Tiffany’s. An Open Heart Pendant Chain sells for $125.00 and can fit a ring easily along with the alphabet pendant bearing either the mom’s or new baby’s initial.

You can fake it by purchasing a Tiffany Blue Bag for $9.90! Pair that with an AerWo box for $6.99 and you can really fake the funk! lol


What This Blogger Wants for Christmas

This time of year, people are assembling their Christmas wish list and dropping hints. I am one of them! Here are 6 items on my wish list that are making a repeat appearance from a past year:

1. Exlura Women’s Off Shoulder Batwing Sleeve Loose Oversized Pullover Sweater Knit Jumper – $22.90

I love silk and silk blend sweaters because they feel great on the skin and have longevity compared to those made of synthetic materials. You can wear this sweater with jeans on the weekend or over dress pants and wear them at an evening function. Love.

2. CONVERSE ALL STAR Boots • Converse • $59

It’s getting cold so it’s boots weather and because I’m always on the go, these Converse boots are a combo of my active sneakers and my riding boots and are Perfect! They are different and will turn heads.

3. Burberry  Plastic Sunglasses • Burberry • $103

I lost these very same glasses a month after I got them this year so a replacement would be great. I love these frames. They fit my face wonderfully.

4. Apple iPad Pro $30 per month+

I love that the iPad Pro  is large enough to function as a laptop and a tablet. I checked out the specs and other functionalities and they’re tops. I’d love to get one of these one of these on Christmas morn.

5. Burberry Small Leather & Canvas Check Henham Cross body Bag • Burberry • $595

I don’t go anywhere without my Coach cross body bag. It lets me keep my hands free and my bag secure to my body. I would love to  get a larger one that can fit more things and can let me give my other bag a rest. This Burberry cross body bag would be ideal!

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Door Knob iPhone 6 Case • Marc by Marc Jacobs • $88

I have been using the massive protective Otter case that I purchased when I got my iPhone 7  for the longest time because not a lot of manufacturers of chic cases had them available when I first got it. I’m a selfie queen so a stylish alternative to the boring grey I have now would be amazing!.

That’s it for this blogger! What’s on your Christmas wish list?

6 Awesome Family Coordinated T-Shirts To Give for the Holidays

Coordinated family pride t-shirts are trending. You can find a lot of small mom and pop shops and ecommerce stores selling these creatively made t–shirts on Etsy. Here are our top editor’s picks!

Father and Son Pizza by Xenotees – $49.99

Father and Son Original and Remix tee by KaAnsDesigns – $24.00

Mama Bear and Baby Bear by thinkedink – $29.00+

Dad and Son Outer Space play shirt by bykd – $39.00

Dad and child “Work like a captain, Party like a Pirate” tee – $45.00+

Dad and son/daughter Coffee Team $42.23

Your Gift Guide for that Book Lover in Your Life

It’s December 1 which means there are only 24 more shopping days until Christmas. Already, we’ve posted several gift guides for every type of person on your list.

Today we are sharing out top picks for that book lover on your list.

1 We really dig this mug that has all these great introductory lines from some of the most popular and most read literary works of our time. From Anna Karenina to Slaughterhouse Five, the mug comes in a fun gift box. It is sold by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild – $15.95

2 Calendars are still popular gifts to give at the end of the  year so Orange Circle Studi’s  2018 Album Wall Calendar  for Book Lovers is quite appropriate! Each month is a the book cover art from one of the historical classics. It is retro-inspired and comes packaged in a sturdy sleeve just like a classic vinyl record album. The calendar is printed on matte paper for a true vintage look and features full-color poster-style artwork $14.27

3 We love charms! A bangle with charms of an open book, an “I Love to Read” and a heart charm is, well, charming, wouldn’t you say? It would be well appreciated by a teacher or some other book aficionado in your life!  An Etsy shop I love to frequent sells it for  $8.99 and charges just $1 to personalize it! That’s a steal!

4 Throw pillows with fun sayings on them are great for livening up any den, office or other casual area in your home. This Pillow that reads “One More Chapter” is perfect reading pillow.

5 We got a hoot from bumping into Dasha Alexander mug that reads “Kindly Go Away, I’m Reading Mug” ! It sells for $17.95

6 A pair of fun and warm socks would be much appreciated this Christmas when gifted to a mom, librarian, teacher or other book worm. These novelty socks read on the bottom of it, “If you can read this, get me a book”! Hilarious! And also under $20 at $14.99

7 If you have yet to upgrade to the latest iPhone and are still carrying around the iPhone 7 or know another book-lover in your life who is, then consider getting this “Inspired Cases Bookshelf ” Book Lover Case for iPhone 7. It has 3D Textured Print  so you can actually feel the design. It’s made in the USA and protects a phone from dings and dents. It sells for $14.99.

8What do you get when you cross a book lover with a superhero fan? You get this Aluminum sports bottle. It is 13.5 ounces and made of 100% recyclable aluminum and sells for $17.95

9. We love journals and this sleek leather journal would be a great place to record all the books you’ve read or gift it to a book fan who is also organized and serious about tracking his or her reading. The journal is seriously made for it. It includes pages to list books that have been borrowed, lent away or given. It has pages for book sources and a spot to jot down members of the reading group and contact info for members. It is also smartly priced at  $12.96

Bonus is this tea spoon for a book lover who also loves to drink tea! It fits right into the under $20 theme at $10.99




Quirky and Fun Gifts For the New or Expectant Arrival (Gift Guide)

If you know someone who is expecting this year and planning their child’s nursery or who recently welcomed a new arrival, and you want to gift that person something special for the Holidays, we’ve curated our pick of gifts all under $25 for you to consider.

1.  A personalized framed piece of wall art bearing the child’s name will be a sentimental surprise. There are a lot of small sellers on Etsy who will create one for you and ship  it off within days from order like this Custom baby nursery wall art Tiger nursery print which sells for only  $13.95

2. Keeping with that theme but going bigger, you can get an actual wooden sign from 8 to 24 inches tall in the baby’s name. It can be hung up in the baby’s nursery above the crib and it too is just  $13.95.

3. There are a lot of lamps on the market but this cotton elephant night light or lamp is perfect. It is not too bright and is whimsical and would stand out in any room. The company that sells this, Lily’s Lights, also makes multiple animals and colors. It’s just $24.95.

4. Music is great for babies. It’s wonderful for developing their inner outer ear development and balance. Also it is soothing. The Ocean Wave Projector night light comes with a built-in Music Player  and has 7 color changing modes. Baby will be mesmerized by the lights and lulled by the music. It costs $23.99.

5. When time comes to take the baby’s first portrait, mom and dad do not necessarily need to rush out and pay a professional photographer (or they can). AiXiAng  makes this adorable newborn photography handmade crochet knitted costume to wear to the shoot, at home or a photography studio. It’s a Christmas lion cap and pants set! Sooo cute! It’s only $12.85. Love it!

6. Help mom and dad save for their new baby with an adorable piggie bank! $24

7. This stars and moon night sky vinyl wall art decal sticker mural is adorable. It’ s white so you’d need to place it on a dark background. It’s 22 x 49 inches, which covers a wide area, and goes for $19.99

8. The trendy thing to do is take photos of the baby’s first month. These monthly stickers in a gender neutral color can be placed on the baby’s onesie or t-shirt before being snapped. The parents will be grateful for such a thoughtful gift. It is  $12.95.

9. Finally, I love Yi!’s monitors and the Wireless IP Video monitor with Night Vision would be awesome to be used as a nursery monitor and it is modestly priced at $24.50. 

Hope you love these ideas but even if you don’t perhaps they inspired you to get something similar, interesting or unique !


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