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Get Prepared with This DIY First Period Kit for Home & School

Consider putting together a fun and informative DIY first period kit to celebrate your child’s big milestone and help her feel prepared and confident at home and at school! This is a memorable time in a young person’s life, and I did this a couple of years ago to make my own daughter’s first period as comfortable and normal as possible, and I’m so glad I did.

Do you remember your first period? 

I know I was terrified the day my first period arrived while attending a friend’s sleepover birthday party, and I was completely unprepared for that experience. I was one of the first in my friend group, so I initially felt uncomfortable and full of anxiety!

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10 Most Common New Parent Worries

Parents everywhere can testify to the fact that becoming a parent can be equally thrilling and terrifying—a combination of excitement and joy on the one hand and fear and frustration on the other. In a matter of days, everything you thought you knew about parenting is tossed aside and you find yourself without answers. Why can’t I soothe my crying baby? Why won’t he latch on? When will he learn to roll over? Is his poop supposed to be green? (Need I say more?) The fact is, even second-time parents sometimes find themselves overly concerned about the growth and development of their baby. But don’t worry! You too can become a parenting pro. Read on for tips on how to manage 10 of the top parenting concerns.

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27 Mother’s Day Gifts for Expecting Mothers

The right gifts for expecting mothers this Mother’s Day might be one that allows for self-care, so shower the mama-to-be in your life with the gift of relaxation. It will help brighten their day and remind them to schedule in a bit of me-time because pregnant women have enough on their plate!

Whether it’s in the form of a soothing belly oil, a membership to a meditation app designed for mothers, a cozy maternity set, or a mommy-centric read by Maya Angelou, here, you’ll find 27 gifts for expecting mothers to help make the new moms in your life feel special on Mother’s Day and beyond.

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5 Methods of Birth Control Moms Love

The average Canadian woman loses her virginity at 16, has 1.6 kids, and hits menopause around 51. Barring problems with fertility, let’s do some quick math (we’ll give her a bit of a postpartum break, and trim that poor sixth of a kid down to a half while we’re at it): We spend about three decades trying to not get pregnant. Now that you’re a mom, there are more than enough obstacles to sex—your birth control method doesn’t need to be another. And as a busy parent, it’s more important than ever to have a reliable, no-fuss way of managing how many more babies you have—and when.

“One thing we ask every patient is, ‘How important is it for you to not be pregnant right now?’” says Nicole Pasquino, a registered nurse certified in reproductive health and a professional practice leader at Options for Sexual Health in Vancouver. Then it’s a question of what you’ve tried—both successfully and unsuccessfully—in the past, and what your thoughts are about the different options: Maybe condoms are too much of a hassle, or you felt depressed on the pill, or the idea of an IUD completely freaks you out. You also need to consider the future: How many more kids do you want to have? Is this a temporary situation, or are you looking for a more permanent solution?

“There really is a contraception method for everyone,” Pasquino says. (Or two—you can always double up!). Here are five moms who have found their fit.

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24 Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts She’s Sure to Love

Not to discount the loveliness of flowers, but when shopping for Mother’s Day, jewelry gifts are indisputably longer lasting. There is a staying power, sentimentality, and heirloom quality of jewelry that makes it an obvious choice for a Mother’s Day gift. Not to mention, there are infinite possibilities of jewelry that feel personal with birthstones and engraving options. After all, these are pieces that will most likely make their way down the inheritance chain to her children—even more reason to give Mother’s Day jewelry gifts with thought.

When Noura Sakkijha, CEO and cofounder of Mejuri, had her twins two years ago, she became even more focused on creating pieces that can stand the test of time: “While we have always produced fine jewelry to last forever,” says Sakkijha, “it has been important to me to create unique, beautifully crafted heirloom pieces that can remind you of a person or memory.”

And though we should celebrate mothers every year, Sakkijha brings up the good point that over this past year, so much has fallen on the shoulders of mothers—now is the time to show them our appreciation. “The past year has been difficult for everyone, but even more so for mothers who are juggling many roles. A gift that truly caters to her will mean so much. By investing in a piece she can keep forever but wear every day, the sentiment behind celebrating her also creates a memory that lasts a lifetime.”

So, by all means, buy the flowers (I would never discourage someone from buying my namesake), have the kids draw a card (really, do!) but take the below Mother’s Day jewelry gift suggestions seriously as the main gift.

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What’s in My Cart: 13 Affordable Items to Energize Your Home for Spring

Spring tends to be the time of year when many people strive to amp up their cleaning routine, but it’s also a good opportunity to think about your decorating approach. For me, the spring season is my cue to bring the outdoors in with greenery, have fun with home decor accents in an array of graphic patterns and colors, and find simple ways to freshen up my everyday routine.

The good news is you, too, can do this without blowing your budget. That’s why I’m sharing a selection of lifestyle items to celebrate the season in style. From a patterned pillow that’s under $25 to an under-$50 wall mirror to maximize natural light in your space, every one of these items are worth adding to your cart. Happy shopping!

Here are our faves!

Sunny Ocean Throw Pillow

One of the easiest ways to transition your living room winter to spring is with the right throw pillows. Draw inspiration from nature and go for this artsy design with an ocean motif. 

Dish Detergent Refill

The Laundress has an allergen-free detergent that’s known to keep your clothes looking new and smelling amazing. Now, you can expect this same level of excellence from its new unscented dish detergent refill. It comes with a 64 oz. pouch (expect to get up to 700 washes) and a refillable 16 oz. glass pump. 

Sebasco Round Indoor/Outdoor Metallic Gold Metal Planters Set

Snag your favorite plants and showcase them in these striking planters, featuring a gold finish. What’s more, the set is designed to be used both indoors and outside, so the possibilities are endless.

Joan Berry Basket

You won’t make the mistake of spoiling anymore berries once you purchase this adorable ceramic basket.  

Brightland Alive Olive Oil

A high-quality olive oil is a necessity for any home chef. Drizzle Brightland’s Alive oil on salads, sorbets, you name it.

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Spring Activities for Family Fun

Put some spring in your step this season with a spring activities jar. It’s an easy way to collect a bunch of ideas for family fun. Pull them out any time you’re ready for some active play! Kids usually enjoy helping you brainstorm the ideas, but it’s also fun to include some options they don’t know about. Nothing beats the element of surprise. See below for lots of categories to get you started. Then supplement with your favorite hobbies, games, and local hangouts.

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47 Best Easter Games That Will Keep the Kids Entertained

Easter is a highlight of the year for the whole family.

Between the big meal and gifts for the little ones, it can seem like a major undertaking. The annual Easter egg hunt is obviously the main event, but make sure you’re also prepped with plenty of activities to keep kids (and adults!) busy once the eggs are found. After all, the little ones will need a way to work off that candy-induced sugar rush somehow!

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Easter Tic Tac Toe Game


This Easter edition of tic tac toe doubles as a table decoration.  The kids will be happy to play this game while they wait for the food to be ready.

Bunny Pom-Pom Tail Toss Game


Make up your own games involving these precious bunny balls or use them for cornhole. 

Easter Punch Game


Fill with small toys or candy and have your little ones “punch” through for their prizes!

Easter 2021: The most egg-cellent deals to shop on Easter decorations

Easter is just a hop around the corner—it’s Sunday, April 4!—and the time to decorate your space with flowers, eggs and bunnies galore has finally arrived. Although the spring holiday might look a little different than usual this year thanks to COVID-19, there’s nothing stopping you from bringing some floral fun to your home—especially since there’s a bunch of Easter decorations currently on sale.

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