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Breaking Down the CARES Act IRS Stimulus Rebate/Refund Checks {Video}

In a new YouTube video, I respond to a lot of myths and misunderstanding people have about the Coronavirus CARES Act IRS Stimulus Rebate/Refund Checks,

To react to the dramatic and devastating economic impact the novel coronavirus COVID-19 is having on the United States economy, the government recently created a new law called the CARES Act which, among other things, provides emergency payments, loans and grants to small businesses and individuals.

According to recent reports, the relief checks will be deposited into people’s bank accounts starting today, April 9th.

However, there is a lot of misinformation about the $2T Economic Bill, called the Cornavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, especially about the individual rebates that the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration have been tasked with getting into citizens’ hands.

Common remarks and questions I’ve seen made about the rebate/refund check I’ve seen include:

“Man, the government isnt’ sending us any money! ”

“How can they afford to pay us when we got a $16T deficit?

“I heard it’s an advance on your tax refund for next year!”

“Nothing it Free! Of course, we’re gonna have to pay it back!”

Although the $1200 refund checks are technically an advance on a 2020 tax credit, that money will NOT be deducted from your tax refund next year and in this video I explain why in my recent YouTube explainer video.

But first, I go through some basics of federal US Civics 101 and specifically go over, generally, how the US Gov gets revenue, what it does with that money, and I give a very brief walk through on how tax credits work to help people realize why it will not be deducted from future refunds.

It ends with a discussion about the fact that 17 year olds and young adult and college kids who are still supported by their parents are excluded from funding and what I think we should do to change that.



coronavirus refund check 101 pin

21 #DontRushChallenge Videos to Binge On Right Now

I am loving watching the various people are keeping themselves entertained during the global initiative and quarantine.

One of the more fun exhibits of creativity  is the various “Don’t Rush Challenge” videos I have seen circulating about social media, and in particular on Tik Tok.

The concept of the challenge is to have different people in their respective homes, somewhere in another location appear to have been passed one singular object from outside the frame of the video to the person in the next frame.

Many times that one object is a makeup blush but it can be another object that is unique to the particular group or friends doing the challenge.

Each person pushes whatever the object is into the camera  lens, then appear to remove it a millisecond later, revealing to the viewers that they have  transformed themselves and have changed clothes, usually into something more glamorous. (Though a few have done the reverse, starting out glam and changing into their night clothes)

After that, that participant tosses the object out of the frame to the next one.

Groups of friends in the same industry or social circles are creating videos around themes.

The object that is passed around depends on the industry of the group: sunglasses, a gym hand cloth, a book, a pepper grinder, a firefighter hat, a basketball.

The craziest was seeing newBrides toss their diamond engagement ring out the frame.

The title of the challenge comes down the song “Don’t Rush” by the Nigerian-Brit and Jamaican-Brit UK Rap Duo Young T and Bugsey released late last year, though others have used other songs to do the challenge.

Here are some of my faves:

1. Moms


2. Young Families:


Posted by Tiayonce Mayweather on Sunday, April 5, 2020

3. Siblings

This is the best one!! 🤗😍 Source: Instagram Shanillia26

Posted by Tomica Crawley on Thursday, April 2, 2020

4. Boys

Check my son and his crew doing the #NoBrosLeftBehindChallengeThe Young Gentleman’s Version • "I DON'T OWN THE RIGHTS…

Posted by Erskine Reeves on Thursday, April 2, 2020

5. Firefighters

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You didn’t think we could leave Firefighters out of the #dontrushchallenge did you? You’ll need to call for a 5th Alarm after all this HEAT! Shout out to all the strong brave beauties in this video: ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ @tiara_thegreat⁣⁣ @cookedallas⁣⁣ @_daniweaver ⁣⁣ @olive_tree_12 ⁣⁣ @gritandgrace__⁣⁣ @phayliciaj phaylicia⁣⁣j @latrecia83⁣⁣ @mrs2weeksout ⁣⁣ @msdejesus13 ⁣⁣ @juiicy_q⁣⁣ @brittanimonaye⁣⁣ @mariahcarter904 ⁣⁣ @Firefighter_bae ⁣⁣ @tiffanyewesley⁣⁣ @danithedoll⁣⁣ @tamu119⁣⁣ @taanamitchell⁣⁣ @ronni_904⁣⁣ @nikkoel_leokkin .⁣⁣ . I do not own the rights to this music ⁣⁣ .Song: Don’t Rush @youngtandbugsey⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #dontrush #tsrpositiveimages #blackgirlsfightfire #femalefirefighter #firefighterlife #firefighters #firefighter #firedepartment #firefighterfitness #quarantineparty

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6. Doctors

#DontRushChallenge– doctors edition!

#DontRushChallenge– doctors edition! Happy National Doctors Day. #ThankADoctor http://ow.ly/khOt50z0iRA

Posted by Essence on Monday, March 30, 2020

7. Male MDs

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I know you saw our sistas already dropped that heat earlier this week. On behalf of my brothers, we apologize for the delay, but the Black Male MDs edition you’ve been waiting for is finally here. #RIPNip #TMC 🏁 . @EarlCampbellMD @WTriggsMD @Bone_Doctor @DMGrayMD @LawrenceBrownMD @DrJRutland @DingleFooteMD @AntonioWebbMD @Dr_Mazi @TheTherapyDoc @AJMilamMDPhD @DrJCoftheDC . #nobroleftbehindchallenge #norushchallenge #gastroenterology #medicine #healthcare #procedures #surgery #doctor #doctors #blackdoctors #endoscopy #health #wellness #medschool #medstudent #premed #physician #residency #fellowship #STEM #beards #bearded #blackmeninmedicine #minoritiesinmedicine #GetTheScope @balleralert @reseaudocteur @theshaderoom @ebonymagazine @essence @doctortribe @michelleobama

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9. Dentists

Don't rush challenge

My best don't rush challenge so far 😍😍#dontrush#africanprint#StayAtHome

Posted by T&F Fashion&Style on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

9. T-Shirt Designers

10. WNBA Players

11. Native American Millennial Women

credits : @chelseymooner on insta ❤️(sorry the quality isn’t the greatest)

Posted by Julianna DeBray on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

12. Airline Pilots

We had a blast putting this together! Check out part one of my fly sistahs! Go support our organization and like our page Sisters of the Skies! #dontrushchallenge #Share #Support #Like

Posted by Dominique Ashley Leonard-Curry on Friday, April 3, 2020

13. Military Women

Another one of my favs… For the military Queens… #dontrushchallenge #militaryedition #herstory #thequeencode #therealqueencode

Posted by The Queen Code on Saturday, April 4, 2020

14. 40s PinUps

Black Pinup Excellence

Posted by Ashleeta Beauchamp on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

15. Millennial Starlets

16. Couples

17. South African Celebrity Chefs

18. African Print

Don't rush challenge

My best don't rush challenge so far 😍😍#dontrush#africanprint#StayAtHome

Posted by T&F Fashion&Style on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

19. My Salone Sisters

Courtesy of @lovefromsaf#dontrushchallenge Salone EditionMusic by Kracktwist & Samza.Salone delegation represented @independentguss |@alicia_jadore | @lovefromsaf | @siamaim | @nia.kf | @geillo | @_lottie.xo | @_hawaaaxo

Posted by Trevor Young on Tuesday, March 31, 2020

20. Nigerians

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Can’t lie this video took too long to create 😂( Follow me on #tiktok: Onyiibekeh) I’m about to wild out all week long! Crazy how peer pressure works! Y’all won. #dontrushchallenge In order of appearance: @onyiibekeh @_olaedo @fancie_yay @thealmachronicle @theiganya @The_Florentyna @kuchiiiii @yray_ideh @oyinsoextra @tifesoloye @Sommmss : #socialdistancing #pastelshorthair #boycut #challenges #dontrush #discoverunder100k #beautybloggers #beautyinfluencer #isolation #contentcreator #mondaymorning #mondayvibes #staysafe #bluehair #lagosnigeria #lagosliving #onyiibekeh #explorepage #tiktokchallenge @tiktok.nigeria @youngtandbugsey #beautyoftheweek #bellanaijabeauty #bettertogether #bethechange

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21. Bloggers

Posted by Nigerian Wedding on Sunday, April 5, 2020




Don’t rush challenge!!!!😍Females Pilots🤩✈️👩‍✈️

Posted by Palesa Shitlabane on Monday, March 30, 2020

Don't Rush Challenge. Stay tuned for more!(SOS does not own the rights to this song)

Posted by Sisters of the Skies on Friday, April 3, 2020




Bills Withers and the Crying Baby Hack that Starts In Utero

R&B crooner Bill Withers passed away over the past week from heart failure at age 81.

Not is his passing a loss for the music industry, it is for the world and all those who enjoyed his work.  Withers played the soundtrack of my life too with his hits songs like “Aint No Sunshine“and “Just the Two Of Us” duet with Grover Washington, Jr. but his music was also an integral part of my baby rearing when I had a young family.

He helped me test out a hack for soothing an inconsolable baby that starts when that baby is still in its mommy’s tummy.

When I was pregnant with my first child back in 2001, I read a book about the importance of introducing classical music to your baby in utero.

So, I decided to play the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” from The Nutcracker Ballet suite for my then soon-to-be first born child when I was pregnant with him while I traveled along my day, running errands, traveling back and forth to work.

When he was born and there would be moments when he would get inconsolable, all I had to do was put on the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and he would immediately stop crying and settle down.

I used that hack for my middle kid and again for my youngest child. For each of the subsequent pregnancies, I picked a different sound. I didn’t think it had to be classical music so for my last child, I picked the Bill Withers song “Lovely Day“. It worked on her too.

We lost a legend but the music lives on in our memories, hearts, feelings of nostalgia and playlists. If you can, please check out this excellent write up Rolling Stone magazine did on him back on 2015 and you’ll get to appreciate his very dynamic life.: “Bill Withers: The Soul Man Who Walked Away


When I wake up in the morning, love

And the sunlight hurts my eyes

And something without warning, love

Bears heavy on my mind

Then I look at you

And the world’s alright with me

Just one look at you

And I know it’s gonna be

A lovely day

A lovely day

When the day that lies ahead of me

Seems impossible to face

When someone else instead of me

Always seems to know the way

Then I look at you

And the world’s alright with me

Just one look at you

And I know it’s gonna be

A lovely day

A lovely day

When the day that lies ahead of me

Seems impossible to face

When someone else instead of me

Always seems to know the way

Then I look at you

And the world’s alright with me

Just one look at you

And I know it’s gonna be

A lovely day

A lovely day

Quelle: LyricFind

Songwriter: William Harrison Withers Jr. / Skip Scarborough

Songtext von Lovely Day © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Golden Withers Music

Since Everyone is Home Cleaning, Here’s the Cleaning Bible You Have to Get

cleaning house


It is officially Spring and prime home cleaning time.

The nature of recent events, given the corona virus pandemic, has set it up for there to be a lot of basement and closet-cleaning to clear out junk and clutter in the house.

And whether you live in a single-family home, studio, apartment, loft or town home, NOW is an ideal time to start contemplating and planning your Spring Cleaning Checklist.

Every one in the family: the kids, hubby or partner and even the littlest ones, can get involved and help get your home back in tip top shape after a dusty, musty and messy Winter.

Children can pick out which toys they will give away to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

If you or your spouse is handy around the home, itemize broken fixtures that need repair or replacement.

Before you start planning your spring cleaning tasks, it may be a good idea to make sure you understand the art of keeping house too.

When I got engaged back in 1999, a dear law school pal of mine threw me a bridal shower in her quaint Capitol Hill apartment. It was wonderfully organized and I got a chance to check out her very neatly organized home.

Her secret: The Bible of keeping house, “Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping House” by Cheryl Mendelson,  which she gave me as a gift.

It is a nearly 100-page hardback text and includes a comprehensive guide to every section of the home and is easily understood and great for beginners, like I was back then. Even intermediate or advanced home makers will find this resource text helpful.

I didn’t grow up with a mother who passed on homemaking skills and techniques to her children so I was clueless. The book was right on time.

In it, Mendelson explains materials and properties of common household items which is essential for knowing how to care for them and extend their life. She explains when to replace worn out items.

Home Comforts  has sections and sub-chapters like Electricity Safety, The Air in your Castle, Caring for jewelry, Ironing, How to launder tricky Items and more.

Since I am pretty busy and have been since getting hitched years ago, I haven’t had time to comb carefully through the entire book, yet I use it as a reference guide and turn to it often…especially each spring during spring cleaning time!

If you don’t already have a copy and are considering purchasing a new home or just want to start fresh and learn how to manage your own home, I highly recommend it.  It’s no longer available new in Hardback but you can get a new paperback version for only $13.99.

It’s available at Amazon.com in Kindle, Paperbook and Pdf now!  And it makes a great wedding or bridal shower gift.

Here is my video book review:

No-Sew DIY Emergency Facemasks You Can Make At Home {VIDEOS}



The CDC is reconsidering its initial advice regarding the wearing of mask. Previously, under the current directive, the agency recommended that Americans leave the mask wearing to those who have COVID-19 already and medical professionals.

However, since then, it has been well reported that people can have the virus and be asymptomatic, meaning they would have no symptoms associated with the disease. Because it was being recommended that only known patients wear masks, the asymptomatic coronavirus sufferers would be out there spreading the disease without knowing it.

Masks are available online though not readily or quickly available. The paper mask that would not suffice to shield out the  virus but is probably good enough to wear while grocery shopping is available for $5.90 $18.88 for 50 on Amazon but it is going out of stock fast.

The professional grade N95 masks are just not available at all. We have a sewing machine in our house but no one in here knows how to sew. Thankfully, YouTube stars have been great about sharing their quick tutorials on how to make a no sew mask!

Here are a few videos:

First, my fave bc it is the simplest:



Make your own face mask at home using fabric you can find in your closet. No skills needed, no sewing machine needed.

Posted by Nifty on Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Brand New Parents Guide to Co-Parenting In the Age of the COVID-19 Pandemic

two parents with baby

Photo by Anastasiya Gepp from Pexels

When you have a baby, you not only have to learn how to care for your infant, you also have to learn how to work as a team with your parenting partner.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, new moms and dads are in even closer proximity postpartum. They’re getting a crash course in navigating their relationships and in creating equity when it comes to sharing parenting responsibilities.

Dr. Whitney Casares, author of the book “The New Baby Blueprint: Caring for You and Your Little has tips on how you can successfully share the load with your partner.

Designate a soother in chief if you’re the breastfeeder in chief

If you are breastfeeding, you have a full-time job that requires rest, fluids, and patience to learn and perfect. You are the feeder in chief. You’ll do your fair share of soothing as a function of that job. But your partner should take the lead on soothing so that you can accomplish your main mission: feeding your baby.

You’re not a magician

Accept that you are not a magician and cannot develop a mom’s intuition overnight. You need your partner’s help, and (sometimes, believe it or not) partners have valid ideas! Two problem-solvers are better than one. When I learned to ask for help—especially when I was at my weakest physically and emotionally—I found others around me stepped up and, ultimately, that we became a powerful team. Never be afraid to reach out if you are struggling. There is help and hope, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

Recognize strengths and weaknesses

Parenting is a balance of tasks and responsibilities, and one partner may have more skills or patience for some of them. Instead of evaluating or comparing contributions, figure out your partner’s parenting superpowers. All of us bring amazing things to our parenting partnerships. I see all kinds of parents in clinic—analytical types asking tons of specific questions, the research-focused contingent searching for the evidence behind pediatric recommendations, and laid-back parents letting the stresses of early parenting easily roll off their backs. We all have something we bring to the table.

Get educated together

How does one become an expert in their field? They study. If you are the only one in your family studying up on babies and parenting before or after your newborn arrives, you may feel as if you are the only one who knows anything, and you may be the only one who feels confident enough to take charge.

Everyone learns in different ways. If you learn best by reading, your partner may learn best by attending a class online or in person. Or, your partner may learn best by talking with otherswho have been through it. It probably won’t work to force your partner to learn the exact same way you do, but expect that both of you have a working knowledge of common baby issues, newborn care basics, and proven calming techniques so that you can problem-solve from the same educated perspective.

Take a giant step back

When someone doesn’t trust us or tries to manage us, it can make us feel resentful and irritated. We sometimes even lose our organic interest in the topic and stop putting our best effort into it.

That’s what happens when we don’t allow our partners to play an equal role in taking care of our children. We sabotage our hope of true co-parenting. Instead, be conscious about how to empower your other half to be the parenting boss more often. That might mean leaving the house so that your partner has the space to parent without your eagle eye. It definitely will mean holding your tongue (or sighs, or eye rolls, or judgment) if your partner is not doing things exactly how you would do them. If you both get educated together, you can be equal “experts” and this won’t be so hard.

Above all, learn to say, “I’m sorry”

You are going through one of the most significant changes in your life. So is your partner. There will be times you will implode or explode from the stress of that transition and of our current events. When you lose it, figure out whether there is something to be learned or the pot of water just got a little too hot and boiled over. Learn to say, “I’m sorry” and to consider how to make it better next time. When you and your partner act.

Drake Introduced the World to His Son, Adonis

Drake, Adonis and Sophie Brussaux
Drake, Adonis and Sophie Brussaux

Instagram: ChampagnePapi

Rapper Drake made news this weekend when he finally shared a photo of his now 2 1/2 year old son Adonis on his Instagram page.

In the series of photos he posted on his account, followers and fans get to admire the bright eyed, strawberry blonde curly haired adorable little boy who looks very much like Drake’s mom from the photos Drake also posted in the slideshow.

View this post on Instagram

What is most important for you right now is to connect to your own inner light. This will create the biggest opening of all. Trust that you have all of the power within to make this happen, and in order to do that connect to the people and things that bring you a lot of joy. When the mind starts to move into overthinking or fear, shift your attention right away to something bright. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past or what is happening around us now, you can always make the choice to break free of the wheel of suffering and panic and open up to your own light. We are powerful manifestors , so once you make the choice in the moment to shift your awareness to something good, it will show you in your reality. Be conscious, especially right now of fears coming in from others, and recognize that not everything should be held by you. Laughter is your best medicine, but tears can also be a powerful release. Let go of any judgment you may have around that. Remember that you are never alone, and if you need to be reminded of that ask for support and it will show up. Everything comes down to intention, and even though there are conflicting energies circling around us you must KNOW…It will rebuild. But in order for that to happen, you have to do exactly that. Trust. You have the biggest heart and that is your greatest gift. It’s impossible to always control your surroundings, but when you shift the focus to how you want to feel, everything will conspire to assist you. I love and miss my beautiful family and friends and I can’t wait for the joyful day when we are all able to reunite. Until then please keep your lights on. 🤍

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Drake, real name Aubrey Graham, and his ex Sophie Brussaux , a former adult film star, are seen smiling in one posed photo with Adonis in the center.

The “Hotline Bling” performer had previously kept his child’s existence hidden until rapper Pusha T outed the news in a diss track.

When asked about the accusation that he hid his biological child in one interview, Drizzy said that he had sought a paternity test which was damaged in transit in the mail and had to be redone.

Speaking to Rap Radar, the God’s Plan rapper explained: ‘To be honest with you, I did a DNA test for my son and it came back to us and it said the DNA test got ruined in transit and they couldn’t be 100 percent sure that that was my son or not. ‘So, I was in a really weird pending situation where I didn’t want to go tell the world that that was my son and it wasn’t.’

He has since embraced fatherhood and in fact, seemingly decorated Adonis nursery in his newest home in a Hermes-theme.

Brussaux is now a successful artist and has created portraits of famous people like Barack Obama, Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie, and Beyonce.

According to her website, Sophie ‘combines her fascination for cultural and social paradigms with a love of colourful pop-art and symbolism’.

VIRAL: Pregnant Mom with COVID-19 Warns Revelers to Stay Home

pregnant mom with coronavirus

pregnant mom with coronavirus


A 39-year old mom-to-be in the UK mom, stricken with the coronavirus delivered a sobering message to her fellow humans who insist on going out socially, and ignoring calls from the government to social distance and stay home.

Karen Mannering, who is 26 weeks pregnant, shared in a story on the Storyful app that because of the deadly disease, she has pneumonia in both lungs, has been ill for two weeks and is fighting for her life and the life of her unborn baby.

In between sniffles while crying, the wife and mom of three urged people to say home, said: “If you’re going to meet your friends for a stupid beer … you’re going to take this home and you’re gonna kill someone, one of your family members.”



Children’s Author’s 10 Tips For Managing Quarantine Life with Kids


Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels


We are heading into yet another week of being on lock down in the states and many nations around the world as we all try desperately to try to flatten the curve and growth of the deadly coronavirus.

Dan Pegram, children’s author of Pop-Pop  Airplane, How Do You Fly?, has developed a great list of activities that will bring the whole family together and keep everyone sane at the same time.

Here are Dan’s top 10 ways to keep the kids from driving you insane during quarantine:

1. Schoolwork: Continue your children’s assigned schoolwork. Most schools are providing guidance and lessons via the Internet. Just like the classroom environment, make this time structured and devoted to accomplishing their daily assignments. Also, create a workspace for the school age kids equipped with a chair, lamp, pencil holder, crayons, etc.

2. Engage Without Electronics: Limit their time in front of the television, video games, computers and iPad type devices. This may prove difficult at first but if you’re creative this could turn into a blessing in disguise. Assign them simple chores to do so they can earn time on these devices. We have all become increasing addicted to our cell phones and computers. Spending more time engaged with your children during this uncertain period is comforting and lets them know how much you care.

3. Go Outside: Plan activities outside and show your children how we used to entertain ourselves before the Internet and social media. Go for hikes in your neighborhood or on local trails and look for birds and other wildlife. Look up bird species in your area and then see how many you can spot. This could turn into a lifelong hobby. It did for me.

4. Arts and Crafts: Arts and crafts are perfect for promoting creativity and learning new skills. My granddaughters and I try to build something out of balsa wood every time we visit. I do the cutting and they do the building. There are numerous sites online for arts and crafts projects. YouTube art classes are great and age appropriate. Pick a few and get started. It’s a great way to spend time together and be creative. Our grandson and his friends are coloring pictures for each other and putting them in each other’s mailboxes to keep busy and stay in touch with their nearby friends. I recently built three birdhouses and mailed two to our granddaughters. I kept one and we’re decorating them as a project and plan to share our finished products. Putting puzzles together is also a great way to pass the time.

5. Cook Something Together: There’s no better way to teach your kids a valuable skill than by cooking. Dust off your cookbooks, pick a couple of simple recipes and let the magic begin. Your children will learn about ingredients and through measuring will learn a little about fractions. Plan your meals together and let them do some of the simple things like measuring the ingredients, greasing a pan or setting the table. Spending time together at the dinner table talking about the days events, discussing this quarantine situation at their level and planning for tomorrow can’t be over-emphasized. This may be new to some but you will find this time very enriching.

6. Read Books: Reading is a skill that opens the world to youngsters. It’s also a perishable skill that needs continuous practice. During this time away from school would be a great time to introduce your children to some of your old favorite books and discovering some new titles. My new book entitled Pop-Pop Airplane, How Do You Fly? teaches children, ages 3 -7, how airplanes fly and is a great book for stimulating inquisitive young minds. For the more advanced readers, chapter books like Elephant & Piggie by Mo Willems are quite popular. There are also a couple of apps used by schools called EPIC! and Raz-Kids that offer unlimited access to 35,000 of the best children’s books and learning videos so your child can read and learn anytime.

7. Write: As an author I’ve been asked many times, “How do you start writing a book?” My answer is simple – “It’s just like having a conversation with someone and you’re telling them a story or relating some event in your life.” If your children aren’t familiar with journaling, this might be a great time to introduce them to this wonderful writing exercise. Journals don’t have to be formal. Any small notebook is a great place to start. Google search “journaling” for some useful ideas and benefits. Another wonderful app is Teachers Pay Teachers. This app contains printables and worksheets to help youngsters with simple writing projects.

8. Look at Old Photos: One of our children’s, and now grandchildren’s, favorite things to do is drag out the old photo albums and have us tell about each photo. Children are very interested in what life was like back when we were children. They also enjoy learning about grandparents, aunts and uncles and places we have visited. It is so much fun laughing at the old photos, the retro clothing and hairstyles and reliving fun times in our lives.

9. Make Some Noise: If you play a musical instrument or sing, this would be a great time to explore your children’s interest in music. I dabble at playing the guitar and love to sing. The jury is still out on the quality of the noise coming from my office from time to time! Impromptu singing with a wooden spoon or microphone to Lights by Journey with my audio amplifier entertains our granddaughters for hours. YouTube has an endless assortment of lessons for any instrument including vocals. Again, casting inhibition aside, jump in and have some family fun.

10. Stay Calm: This is an unprecedented time for all of us. Remain calm, stay informed and educate your children as to why we are practicing social distancing and staying at home. Emphasize to them how important good hygiene habits are and why most everything we used to do has been curtailed (including play dates).  Ensure your children these life-changing times will be over soon and things will go back to near normal. With the exception of being quarantined, try to make each day routine and spend as much quality time together as possible. I hope the above tips and ideas will help you and your children get through the next few weeks and come together as stronger families. By following the guidance given by national health officials and local authorities we all will be smarter individually and as a nation in regard to combating unexpected and dangerous health hazards and pandemics.

SkyZone Is Hosting FREE Virtual Birthday Parties For Your Child and Friends

National trampoline indoor play park Sky Zone will help you out if you have a child whose birthday takes place during the global coronavirus by hosting a Virtual Birthday Party for 10 friends FREE!

That’s right!

The Los Angeles, California-based company issued a press release on Friday offering the free service to parents in the US and Canada and inviting them to book a “cost-free” and “stress-free” birthday party!

Not only will Sky Zone will handle creating birthday invites and setting up virtual links for families to share, but a Sky Zone Party Pro will lead the Guest of Honor and their friends through 20 minutes of active-play games and fun to celebrate from the comfort of their own homes.


“We’re thrilled to offer Sky Zone‘s virtual birthday party experience as a safe and undeniably fun way to engage in active play at home,” said Jeff Platt, President of Sky Zone Franchise Group. “By bringing the popular Sky Zone birthday party experience online, we can continue helping families celebrate these special occasions while staying safe at home.”

Kids can take part in their virtual birthday parties from Tuesday to Saturday 3-9pm EST and celebrate with a maximum of 10 friends. To request a virtual party, parents can email Birthdays@SkyZone.com with their names, child’s name, email address & phone number. A Sky Zone representative will follow up with confirmation details and next steps.


The company says that “while Sky Zone parks in the U.S. and Canada remain temporarily closed due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, they want to ensure kids can still celebrate their birthdays and make fun memories online alongside friends and family.”

Nice — Ordinarily, guests at the park’s over 200+ locations worldwide experience an active play experience including a multitude of gravity-defying, wall-to-wall aerial attractions that include SkySlam, Ultimate Dodgeball, Challenge Zones, Ninja Warrior Courses, and many others.