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STUDY: Prescription Yeast Infection Medicine Linked to Miscarriage Risk


A prescription drug for yeast infections may increase chances for miscarriages when used early in pregnancy, a large study in Denmark suggests.

The 17-year study involved oral versions of fluconazole, available in pills or liquid. It doesn’t provide any proof of harm, although the drug has been linked with other problems when used in high doses in pregnancy.

The researchers looked at more than 1 million pregnancies in Denmark, comparing outcomes among women who used oral fluconazole and those who didn’t.

Women who used the drug during the first six months of pregnancy were almost 50 percent more likely than nonusers to have a miscarriage. Women at increased risk included those on a low 150-milligram dose; those on higher doses faced greater miscarriage risks.

While fewer than 10 percent of women in each group had miscarriages — they totaled 710 — the researchers said doctors should use caution in prescribing the drug early in pregnancy.

The study, by researchers at State Serum Institute in Copenhagen, was published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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New Home Pregnancy Test Detects Twins, Miscarriage chances

A British company is claiming to have created a test that can not only detect pregnancy, but also whether a woman is carrying twins, a baby with a genetic defect like Down’s Syndrome or will have a miscarriage.

MAP Diagnostics’ test is based on the science and technology behind in vitro  fertilization. During IVF, doctors can screen embryos and identify abnormal chromosome numbers as well as genetic mutations – factors that lead to miscarriages.

But unlike IVF treatment which is very invasive, MAP Diagnostics’ pregnancy test would be a home “pee test” that analyze proteins in the mother’s urine.

MAP Diagnostics states it is still fine-tuning the algorithm using “around 10,000 samples to improve detection of chromosomal abnormalities that cause Down’s syndrome, for example, before developing a home-testing kit,” according to a report in New Scientist.

Some say the test could be good for women or bad.

Indeed, a test that reveals a possible miscarriage could cause stress and lead to a decision to abort, said Zev Williams from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at New York’s  Yeshiva University.

The test could also have ethical implications, especially if it is faulty.

Women could preemptively abort a healthy pregnancy.

It could cause irreparable damage to pregnant women and families.

This Weekend’s Viral Pregnancy Announcement Vloggers Had a Miscarriage

sam and nia bellyitchblog.com

Last week, vlogger couple Sam and Nia Rader‘s pregnancy announcement video went viral with over 11 Million views, but has since has turned to tragedy as the couple released a video, “Our baby Had a Heartbeat”, to share news they miscarried.

The initial video was featured on several major news sites because it featured husband Sam stealing some of Nia’s urine from the toilet then later testing it to see if Nia was pregnant, all under the admiring eyes of adoring YouTube fans.

He then surprises her at breakfast with the test. It all looked a weee bit staged like maybe he knew in advance that she was already knocked up and they decided to do a spin on the traditional “wife tells husband she’s pregnant” viral pregnancy announcement videos we’ve seen before.

I also just finished watching “Gone Girl” ……**** spoiler alert if you’re one of the 5 people left who haven’t seen the Ben Affleck flick*****… and I couldn’t help but think of the wife character who faked a pregnancy by stealing urine out of the toilet.

Anyway, it went viral:

Wow guys! One million views in 24 hours!! pic.twitter.com/iUW56OEVuR

I learned today along with many others who watched or learned about their video that Nia had miscarried.

It’s part of the reason why traditionally couples wait until the 12th week of pregnancy to reveal news as the risk for miscarry plummets dramatically after three months. Before then, having a miscarriage would mean you have to tell all those you shared with that fact that you had a loss. That is a devastating thing to have to re-live over and over and over again.

The couple left a solemn video (which also comes off a bit theatrical) The news  still left me feeling sad given the history of my own, and other women I know who have had a miscarriage.

When I saw Sam and Nia’s Twitter page after the sad news I had another “what da?!” moment.

There they were boasting about likes and hits and it left me thinking staged again (sorry I’m in therapy for being a cynic)…

…And they referred to the baby as a girl when it was too soon at that point to know the gender, a few have questioned.

But apparently, Nia had stated she felt it was another girl and thus assigned the feminine gender to their embryo when referring to it. I see the anti-religion set that frequent Gawker’s article commenting section are accusing Sam and Nia of conducting a “Pro-Life” propaganda stunt with this video.


I’m sending the entire family warm thoughts for serenity and comfort and do hope it was not all a cheap trick to go viral and gain popularity.

As one commenter said, “views” and “likes” are not life. Take some time to heal with your real family and friends.




The Zuckerbergs Fuel more Open Discussions on the Miscarriage Taboo

zuckerberg pricilla baby bellyitchblog.com

“Most people don’t discuss miscarriages because you worry your problems will distance you or reflect upon you — as if you’re defective or did something to cause this. So you struggle on your own.”

Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote this about he and his wife Pricilla experiencing multiple miscarriages before finally announcing  a pregnancy that will likely go to term.

Miscarriage is such a big taboo and as we’ve written here  often in Bellyitch. Having people of influence like the Zuckerbergs and other celebrities share their journey makes it easier for others not in the limelight to realize they are not alone. It can be a starting point. Kudos for Mark Zuckerberg and Pricilla Chan for being so open.

Elizabeth Cohen, an award-winning senior medical correspondent for CNN’s health, wellness and medical unit, and author of “The Empowered Patient“, wrote about how the announcement and revelation impacted her and how she feels it will help others.


‘Basketball Wives’ reality TV star Tami Roman suffers miscarriage



Sad news for Basketball Wives reality TV star Tami Roman and her boyfriend, Reggie Youngblood, who recently suffered though a traumatic miscarriage loss.

HipHollywood confirmed through a rep for the couple that the loss came at 10 weeks of pregnancy. 

It was reported that Roman was past her first trimester by some sources but that was not true. 

According to the rep for the former Real World: LA cast member, Roman is “sad” and “heartbroken.”

Roman, who appeared along with Youbgblood on the last edition of Marriage Bootcamp: Reality TV Stars edition, made the announcement during a taping of the Love & Hip Hop ATL after show. 

 “I feel this is the perfect place to let everybody know that I am granting wishes. I am six weeks pregnant,” Roman said at the time.

This would have been the third child for Roman, but the first for Youngblood, who is an exec for a courier company in Atlanta.

We at Bellyitch are sending the couple comforting prayers and thoughts. 

Eveyln Lozada’s New Show hints She had a Recent Miscarriage, But these Photos show Otherwise

Evelyn Lozada and Her Family Await News About Her Pregnancy   Video

On the premiere episode of reality TV personality Evelyn Lozada‘s new show Livin’ Lozada on OWN TV network, the ex Basketball Wives star revealed that she was expecting her second child with fiance Carl Crawford of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The shoes-loving author and her Major League Baseball star husband only welcomed their first child together, Carl Leo only last March 2014.

Towards the end of the first episode, Lozada received a voicemail from her doctor  and she later learns that her hormone levels were dropping instead of rising. That’s not good news for any woman. She feared she had miscarried.

In a clip from the show, Lozada can be seen sharing the news with her 21-year old model daughter Shaniece, who also stars in the show:

“It’s not good,” Lozada says. “Most likely, I’m going to end up miscarrying the baby.”




And that’s were the episode ends with a teaser which preps viewers to tune in find out the fate of her pregnancy the following Saturday.

However, from the looks of her recent Instagram pics, it appears that she was able to get over that scary hurdle. Lozada appears to be hiding her bump in most of them but obviously cannot show it now. That will take away the mystique from watching the show this Saturday.

It was taped about a couple months ago so she should be about 14 weeks along by now and many women “pop” earlier after they’ve had one baby already. This would be Lozada’s third child.

We at Bellyitch assume she wouldn’t like this blog post if she were to read it given what she said about bloggers in the premiere episode.  At one point of the show when she learns that news that she landed her own show leaked early and was featured in a popular gossip blog. She railed against “f***king* sh*tty  ass bloggers”.  Wow, really? Sounds a bit like Phaedra Parks.

[Side note: Reality TV stars need Bloggers to help keep them relevant and in the public eye. It’s a symbiotic relationships and being a public figure means people may spread wrong news at times but you need to be calm and rely on thick skin to keep you above because in the grand scheme of things, nothing really matters. *Rant over* :-)]

Lozada was famously engaged to NFL football player Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson before having a very public breakup. Shaniece is the offspring from another earlier relationship.

We hope we are right and she is happily expecting her second child. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, the suspicious pics:

Evelyn Lozada   evelynlozada  • Instagram photos and videos345

Evelyn Lozada   evelynlozada  • Instagram photos and videos565

Evelyn Lozada   evelynlozada  • Instagram photos and videos78

Evelyn Lozada   evelynlozada  • Instagram photos and videos90

Evelyn Lozada   evelynlozada  • Instagram photos and videos9

evelyn lozada 4
photos: Instagram

50+ Celebrities who have had Miscarriages

When news leaks too early that a celebrity woman is pregnant and then she never confirms it, then fails to advance in the pregnancy, there is a high possibility that she might have had a miscarriage.

Since our blog post in 2007 about celebrity miscarriages and the taboo surrounding the topic, many more other sites have reported on celebrity miscarriages and more celebs themselves have been open about discussing a loss that happens in 1 in every 4 pregnancies or among 25% of women.

After TV host and journalist Lisa Ling came out about suffering through one herself, she added a category to her website encouraging women to share their miscarriage stories.

If more women, including celebrities, knew how common miscarriage is and how many have dealt with and suffered through it, but survived, they may be better able to cope if and when it happens to them.

To help that process along, here is a pretty comprehensive listing of all the celebrities we’ve found quoted to have had at least one miscarriage before going on to have a successful pregnancy, adopting, having a child via surrogacy or not at all.

Feel free to comment or add anyone we’ve left off

Singing Divas 

1. Beyonce
2. Mariah Carey

3. Celine Dion

4. Whitney Houston

5. Lily Allen

6. Courtney Love

7. Victoria Beckham

8. Liza Minnelli

9. Yoko Ono
10. Jennifer Lopez

11. Courtney Cox

12. Jennifer Aniston

13. Demi Moore
14. Emma Thompson

15. Sharon Stone

16. Pamela Anderson

17. Mary Tyler Moore
18. Valerie Bertinelli

19. Brooke Shields
20. Kirstie Alley

21. JoBeth Williams
22. Linda Hamilton

23. Lucy Lawless

24. Nicole Kidman
25. Katey Sagal

26. Jean Seberg

27. Jane Seymour
28. Suzanne Pleshette

29. Amy Brenneman
30. Nell Carter
31. Gwyneth Paltrow

Reality TV Stars

32. Bethenny Frankel

33. Tiny
34. Michelle Duggar

35. Giuliana Rancic

Recording Industry/Singers

36. Tori Ames

37. Kara DuoGuardi

TV Personalities

38. Oprah Winfrey

39. Lisa Ling

40. Amber Rose

41. Vanna White


42. Christie Brinkley
43. Katie Price

Golden Film Age Stars

44. Joanne Woodward

45. Joan Chen

46. Marilyn Monroe
47. Sophia Loren

48. Joan Crawford

49. Audrey Hepburn
50. Vivien Leigh


51. Jackie Kennedy Onasis

52. Nancy Kerrigan

53. Jane Pratt, publisher of Jane Magazine
54. Barbara Walters

R&B & Hip Hop (Unconfirmed):

55. Kelly Rowland

56. Ashanti
57. Foxy Brown 
sources:  http://babyfruit.typepad.com/baby/celebrity_miscarriages/index.html

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Jaime King opens up about suffering w/infertility and mulitple miscarriages

Apparently, our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum Hart of Dixie actress Jaime King recently opened up to her followers on Instagram sharing her journey to give birth to her first and only child,  son James,  last October with husband Kyle Newman.
In a post that was accidentally deleted, according to the former model, she opened up about having had:

8 yrs of pain & undiagnosed PSOC & Endometriosis, 5 miscarriages, 5 rounds of IVF, 26 IUIs, most with no outcome, 4-1/2 years of trying to conceive, 26 hours of brutal labor, early delivery b/c of sudden preeclampsia, tearing and tearing after the stitches were in once I was home.

In a followup post, King used the hashtags, #youarenotalone #ihavetobebravetosupportothers #realtalkthatterrifiesus, to cap off her solidarity and empowerment message to many other women out there who may have or are suffering with infertility problems.
We definitely appreciate seeing celebrities open up about struggles that many women face so they are not disillusioned and discouraged  by the glossy mags and celeb interviews that project a rosy and easy journey to baby. It’s not the easy for many. 

Kudos Jaime!

h/t She Knows

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Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s surrogate suffers miscarriage

Sad news for E! Hostess Giuliana Rancic and her hubby Bill Rancic who stars alongside Guiliana in their reality TV show Giuliana and Bill. 

The couple recently revealed that their surrogate, Delphine, who, in 2012, helped them welcome their 21-month old son Edward Duke, recently suffered a miscarriage while carrying their second child. 
“This whole season on Giuliana and Bill, we’ve been trying to have another baby,” Bill told People magazine about their reality show. “Unfortunately, our surrogate Delphine, who we love very much, had a miscarriage. It’s something that we didn’t see coming. We were devastated.” 
He added,  she “was about nine weeks pregnant. We were pretty close to getting into the safe zone,” he continues. “We experienced a miscarriage years ago when we were trying with Giuliana, so we had been keeping the pregnancy news tight to the vest.”
Before Duke was born, Giuliana was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. 
Bill told the magazine the couple is not giving up their efforts to expand their family.
“Hopefully, we’re going to have good news, and Delphine will be on board one more time,” he said. 

Lindsay Lohan says she recently suffered a miscarriage, Skeptics don’t believe her (VIDEO)

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan revealed during the finale of her OWN TV reality TV series Lindsay that she suffered a miscarriage during filming the show.
“No one knows this – I had a miscarriage for those two weeks that I took off. It’s a very long story,” the Mean Girls actress said emotionally on the episode that aired yesterday, April 20.
“That’s why on the show when it says she doesn’t want to come down, she doesn’t want to come down, I couldn’t move. I was sick. And mentally that messes with you,” she said.”Watching this series, I just know how I felt at that moment and I can relate to that girl, which sounds kind of crazy, but I’m like, ‘Oh my god, this is really sad. Who’s helping her?'”
She said an emergency left her immobilized. She could have been referencing the dilation and curretage (commonly called D&C) that is performed to remove tissue from a failed pregnancy following a miscarriage.
LiLo said the medical emergency left her immobilized.
“I couldn’t move, I was sick,” Lohan added. “Mentally, that messes with you.”
And that is quite true. After suffering a miscarriage myself in 2001, it took months to move forward and it is a mentally distressing thing to go through, especially if you were looking forward to carrying the child to term. Imagine how much additionally mentally traumatic it could be if you’re also overcoming addiction, filming a television show and having the pressure of trying to revive your career at the same time?
Lohan did not reveal who the father of her child was, but following the episode, multiple sources revealed that her mom Dina tweeted at Oprah Winfrey to call her. She soon thereafter deleted the tweet. 
Very traumatic and from screening the clip (see below), it looks convincing, although many people are saying she is acting and making it up, perhaps to revive the show. It received only 700,000 viewers upon debut and has been suffering in the ratings since then. 
It came off as genuine to me. 
But based on what people saw on the show, her history of substance abuse and negligent and reckless behavior, and considering how many chances she’s been given, the hesitance of the public to believe the tragic event occurred or show her sympathy is understandable. 

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