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Winter Candles That’ll Make Any Room Feel Oh-So Warm and Cozy

Winter Candles are a perfect addition to any room.

Ahhhhh, winter. The freezing weather, excessive layers, and snow up to my knees, all easily convince me to snuggle up in my cozy bed and binge-watch just *one more* Netflix series. If I’m spending a ton of time indoors, my room is def gonna be a snuggly oasis. And what screams cozy more than a soothing blend of warm winter aromas?

Not that you asked, but I am a certified candle addict. Unfortunately, for your girl, that means I dish out a lot of $$$ on them (yes, I constantly remind myself that I don’t need a hundred candles in the same scent). But, luckily for y’all, that also means I’m your go-to-girl on the topic.

If you like baking, cuddles, or sippin’ on cider during those cold and brutal months, you best believe I found the candle that suits your needs. Whether you are a scent hoarder or buy ’em only occasionally, these 13 winter candles are a perfect addition to any room.

Scented Soy Candles

This candle screams winter. It’s a combination of sweet and spicy, filled with earthy undertones and a spike of vanilla. Also, it will totally fit your insta aesthetic with the adorb packaging.   

Cedar Stack

Not only is this brand *super* cool due to its celebration of sexual fluidity, but the founders of Boy Smells perfect this scent. Tobacco and cedar chips are hit with notes of floral, creating what they call, “glamping in candle form.”  

Josephine scented candles

Citrus, bergamot, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, and vanilla make up this sexy, well-balanced scent. Also, how cute would this look next to your stocking? Aww.

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BET Awards 2018 Recap and Blonde Ambition Red Carpet

It was blonde ambition at the 2018 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California as we spied many of our Bellyitch “Bumpwatch”  alums and past featured moms rocked platinum to strawberry blonde hair on the red carpet.

Amber Rose ditched her signature buzz cut for a wavy extensions. Her BFF Blac Chyna showed up and out in blonde finger waves.

And recent mom to a baby she adopted Tyra Banks wore a blonde blunt cut bob.

(To round up the collage, added Empire starnams singer Serayah McNeill)

Cardi B would have joined in the red carpet  trend we’re sure if she wasn’t taking it easy while waiting to give birth to her first child with beau Offset of the rap group Migos.

She did walk away with two awards: besting rap rivals Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma to win Best Female Hip Hop Artist; and nabbing the Viewer’s Choice Award.

Beyonce, new  mom to infant twins, won Best Female R&B / Pop Artist Award.

Serena Williams was awarded the Sportswoman of the year.

congrats to all the winners, the nominated and performers!

The night featured spectacular stage performances by Miguel,  Nicki Minaj, Yolanda Adama, Janelle Monae and others.

Peep a few at BET here.

Summer Vacation Planning: Here Are 100 Places in America To Visit

Summer vacations means three months of no school. Families with small and school aged children use these warmer days to travel. It can get expensive to fly so a road trip could be in order. We’ve compiled 100 places in America to road trip to this Summer as you plan our the weeks ahead:


The northeast is the oldest part of the country, and home to many notable and historic landmarks. Whether you live in the northeast or just take your au pair there to visit, consider visiting these 20 places.


The Pacific Northwest is home to everything from beaches to mountains to national parks, making it a breathtaking area to visit. If you’re planning on touring the PNW with your au pair, be sure to check out these 20 places.


If you’d like to travel someplace warm and full of southern charm, look no further than these 20 southern locales.


The Southwest is home to a little bit of everything, whether you want to visit a natural landmark like the Grand Canyon or something more other worldly like the UFO museum in Roswell. No matter what you want to do, one things for sure, these 20 locations aren’t to be missed.


If you are looking to spend some time in the heart of the country, then the Midwest is where you need to head. There’s something for everyone, especially when you travel to these 20 spots.

Pregnant at Age 40: An Introspective Exploration Through Pop Culture

VOGUE takes an in depth introspective look at an author’s journey through pregnancy over 40 in a recent feature:

Childbearing is a fraught topic at any point during a woman’s life, but rarely is it more so than during the run-up to the fifth decade, when conventional wisdom—if not science—suggests a golden door slamming shut. It’s an inflection point of which Sheila Heti’s forthcoming book, due out in May, is the latest, but certainly not the only, investigation: As her narrator grapples with her own ambivalence, so, too, does a generation that came of age with a sense that possibilities will always be infinite. Women who accept that they might not reproduce, or decide not to, wonder if they should feel differently; those who desire children and don’t yet have them sometimes slip into a panic, as if a single birthday might be the hinge on which a fulfilling life pivots. Being a pregnant 40-year-old, as the women depicted here are (or just were), might not be all that different than being pregnant at any other age, but it tends to elicit fascination, or relief, in one’s contemporaries; I know because I was recently one myself.

Is it really such a big deal, though? Popular culture serves up outliers, like Janet Jackson and now Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth, who is pregnant with her second child at 49 (she had her first at 47) and recently revealed in an interview that her fertility doctor told her “50 is the new 40.” But popular culture is also responsible for the ticking-time-bomb neuroses of Bridget Jones and Charlotte York—the widespread perception, in the words of Naomi Watts’s childless 40-something in the Noah Baumbach comedy While We’re Young, that “after 35, it’s a shit show.”

The reality is that for a majority of women, it’s not. Many common impediments to fertility have nothing to do with a woman’s age; some, such as the widely reported decline in sperm counts, have nothing to do with a woman at all. In truth, the cliff isn’t usually 35, or even necessarily 40; it’s probably closer, on average, to 44 or so, though donor eggs can stretch those numbers further, and everyone is different.

In fact, the 40-to-44 and 45-to-49 age brackets are the ones in which U.S. birth rates—despite record lows overall—are rising fastest. This phenomenon is particularly easy to observe in cities like New York and Los Angeles, where career and coupling are competitive sports, and where my own obstetrician reassured me, during my first ultrasound last year at age 39, that more than half his patients were older than I was. “My college roommate is due one day before me; I’ve found quite a few other people my age are having kids within months of me,” says Amber Feld, a 40-year-old Los Angeles publicist expecting her first baby in April. “I was really surprised. I thought I might be the last, but I don’t think I will be even close to last.”

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Rep: ‘Halle Berry Is Not Pregnant’


Halle Berry is not pregnant.

In response to reports (including by this publication and others) suggesting that the almost 51-year old actress was expecting her third child, a rep for the star told Page Six on Monday that the rumor “is completely untrue. She is not pregnant.”

Dang! WTG to all of us for reading too much into that hand on the belly protective thing that most pregnant women do.


Also, over the years, in the age of social media, it has become commonplace for celebrities to skip the traditional publicist for relaying baby  news and to announce it by rubbing one’s belly during a red carpet event.

As we have blogged before, the hand on the bump has become a universal non-verbal way of announcing  a pregnancy.

About three years ago in her late 40s, the Oscar winner welcomed a son, Maceo, with then French husband Olivier Martinez. She has an 8-year old daughter Nahla with ex beau Canadian model Gabriel Aubry.


Ok. Our bad! Carry on.  Nothing to see here.