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Trending: Vanessa Lachey Surprises Hubby Nick with Baby’s Sex


This summer, TV host and actress Vanessa Lachey surprised her husband Nick Lachey with the sex of their third child when he arrived home from a 98 Degrees summer tour.

For Thanksgiving, the former beauty pageant winner shared the video of the reveal with her social media followers.

“I have so much to be Thankful for this year… especially our littlest Lachey,” Vanessa wrote in her post. “When Daddy came home from tour this Summer and we were moving into our new house I shared the news!Now I’m sharing it with you! I am so very Thankful and Grateful for this family of mine! And Thankful for YOU! All your Love & support makes what we do FUN and worth it! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!”

In the video, she shared on Instagram, Nick arrives home, and walks into the home to be greeted by their 4-year old son  Camden and 1-year old daughter Brooklyn with blue balloons, including a written balloon that says, “It’s a boy!”

Very cute!

The couple have been married since 2011.

These are THE Biggest Tech Black Friday Deals You’ll Find



Are you ready for the Black Friday sales? To be honest, there are indications and reports every year that say a lot of people think the day after Thanksgiving, dubbed the biggest shopping day of the year is actually a scam!

In fact, one study revealed that about 63% think Black Friday is all hype and that there aren’t really that many great deals. But it’s not true, necessarily. Well, let’s keep it real, it is quite true as  our friends at the personal-finance website WalletHub discovered.

They  took an in-depth look at 2016’s Best Things to Buy on Black Friday and determined that more than two in 10 items offer no savings compared with their pre-Black Friday prices.

Well, dang!

To find out whether shoppers are really getting the best deals, WalletHub compared the “Pre-Black Friday Price” and the “Black Friday Price” of a broad selection of items to identify the offers that are truly worth the hassle of partaking in the year’s biggest shopping craze.


We pulled down the best tech savings for families from the survey:

NordicTrack Elite 3700 Treadmill (regularly $1799)  — $999 (Sears)

Dell XPS 13.3” Touchscreen Laptop (regularly $1678) – $376 at Costco

Sony 75” HD Smart TV (regularly $2,998) – $498  at Walmart

Canon Digital SLR Camera  (regularly $698)  $250 at Walmart

Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset ($1748) $930 at Sam’s Club

LG Ultra Large Capacity Dryer ( regularly $$1,034) $539 at JC Penny’s

XCOM 2 Xbox One (regularly $59) $29 at GameStop

Samsung Refrigerator ($regularly $1,347) $448

For the full report, please visit: https://wallethub.com/edu/best-worst-items-for-blackfriday/16901/

For the latest Black Friday deals (updated daily), please visit: https://wallethub.com/edu/blackfriday-ads/16713/

Nick Cannon is Expecting another Baby and ex Mariah Carey is Cool With It


Actor and musician Nick Cannon is expecting his third child with the current Miss Universe Guam Brittany Bell and his ex wife Mariah Carey is totally cool with her 5-year old twins’ Roe & Roc’s dad having a child with another woman.

Cannon only recently revealed that he is expecting with the beauty queen who also was Miss Arizona 2010. Speaking on the Breakfast Club radio show last Thursday, the America’s Got Talent host said he is going to be a father for the third time.

“I’ve got a baby on the way,” he informed the show hosts. “God said be fruitful and multiply. I’m doing the Lord’s work … everybody get a baby! I’m passing them out.”

The TV show host’s dad, James Cannon reportedly told Hollywood Life that there is no bad blood between the former couple.

“It’s all good. Nick wants a boy and I would like a grandson,” James Cannon said. “Nick decided to go public and there are no bad feelings between him and Mariah, everything is ‘cool.’ Everyone is trying to move on with love and positivity.”

Meanwhile, Bell celebrated the impending birth of her child at a baby shower that included Miss California USA, Miss Wyoming USA and Miss Arizona USA.

A sweet moment of#celebration with a few of the many incredible women in my life,” she captioned a photo shared on Instagram. “Missing the rest of you ????? Miss USA /Miss Universe not only puts you in a rare sisterhood no money can buy.. but your child ends up with some of the most naturally beautiful, sweetest, and strongest women from around the country/world to call Aunties!!? ?#misscaliforniausa#misswyomingusa#missarizonausa #missusa

She also welcomed another year of life with some grand balloons and took to her Instagram page to share her happiness.

Happiness isn’t even the word ?? one photo can’t even sum it all up. What a birthday it was…?

A photo posted by Brittany Bell (@missbbell) on

With all the new attention she has gotten since Cannon revealed the identity of the woman carrying his child recently, she also updated her new followers (and haters because that’s what people do in social media) with a Throwback Thursday photo of herself as a gum ball machine! Cute!

This gorgeous maternity photo along with the biblical caption, “Children are a gift from God…” Psalm 127:3″. It is probably to address some of the judgmental people and crazies that are now bombarding her page! Sheesh!

This is a beautiful photo and children ARE indeed gifts! We here at Bellyitch wish her a healthy remaining pregnancy, labor and delivery! Godspeed, Brittany!


? “Children are a gift from God…” Psalm 127:3

A photo posted by Brittany Bell (@missbbell) on


Viral: Grandmom’s Wrong Text Ends in Heartwarming Invitation to Strangers


A 17 year old from Phoenix, Arizona was accidentally included in a group text from a grand mom named Wanda Delch who is of no relation and is a stranger to him.

He replied to the text thinking it was his grandmom but quickly learned it was not.

“I thought it was either a wrong number or my grandma learned how to use a phone correctly,” Jamal Hinton told NBC News.

He sent a selfie and Delch sent one back.

Hinton jokingly replied”you not my grandma. Can I still get a plate tho?”

Delch said yes!

“I said you sure can, that’s what grandma’s do,” Delch told the news site. The pair met Wednesday night — and Delch extended the invitation to Hinton’s entire family.

“I’ve got to figure out how big a turkey I need for 20 people,” Delch added.

Their story, reported by Buzzfeed on Wednesday morning, immediately went viral. The tale was seen by nearly two million people and re-tweeted over 120,000 times. It had clearly touched a nerve for millions of Americans.

“I feel like everybody sees this joy that two people, two strangers can actually connect,” said Hinton. Watch ABC News’ coverage of the heartwarming exchange.

Their story is reminiscent of another mistaken text where a couple sent a wrong birth announcement text and ended up getting visits from the strangers for the baby. Also, there is the story of a grandfather who made homemade burgers for his grandkids but none showed up. Later, he ended up getting lots of visits from dozens of area teens who appreciated a good burger!

A rep from Buzfeed said people love feel good stories like those especially around the holidays when people can forget the seasons for giving and being charitable.

Grow a Lifetime Reader, Give them An Unlimited Library

Studies show that kids who choose their own books are far more likely to finish them, and that can lead to a love of reading that lasts a lifetime. I am a big believer in the power of books and encouraging learning and reading in children from early childhood on.

My children developed a passion and interest in reading and a comfortable familiarity with written prose, stories, and reading for fun and enjoyment. It wasn’t by accident. I equipped them with toys that babbled in foreign languages, exposed them to to things like Baby Einstein videos, My Baby Can Read and ABC Mouse.

I took my children to library story hour as infants and when our eldest started to wain in interest in books, we kicked it into overdrive and explored lots of options until we got our son back on track and back into reading chapter series for fun.

As a result of all that passion,  our children consistently score in the upper 90% in national standardized tests for reading and they get A’s on their report cards in reading and great feedback from their teachers who tell me that my children do excellent in composition.

I recognize it isn’t easy for all parents especially those who have to compete with all these digital screens that are competing for children’s attention.

My kids too spend more of their time on YouTube videos, watching TV and gaming on tablets, smartphones, on their computers and game consoles.  However, fortunately for us, innovative companies have cropped up and providing new  ways to allow parents to combine their children’s obsession with digital devices and use that obsession to expose them to more books electronically.

I learned of the monthly subscription program called Epic! and love it!

Each month, kids get access to an unlimited amount of digital titles. Parents of multiple children can set up accounts for up to 4 kids for just $4.99 per month.

The app is packed with thousands of books that kids can stream in seconds without waiting for them to download. There are plenty of options for beginning readers to advanced ones.

Another plus for the app is that it is absolutely FREE for educators. It has features like “read to me” and users can easily search through categories. The kids can set up reading logs, and get rewards for reading. Teachers can take advantage of a  letter for parents, so educators can encourage parents to help supplement what is being taught in school.

There are NO in app purchase so you don’t have to worry about getting a surprise big bill. Anyway! Try it for one month FREE! Sign up TODAY!


For even more Thanksgiving book recommendations, click here.

These Tips will make Traveling with Toddlers Smoother


Now that Halloween is over, it may be time to start shifting focus on Thanksgiving planning. If your family is hitting the road and taking a long-distance car trip to your Thanksgiving destination this year, here are snippets from our Thanksgiving travel tips to make it a smoother ride especially if you’re traveling with a toddler:

Set Clear Expectations

Before venturing out on the road, start small and positive by setting guidelines, says Carrie Krawiec, Michigan-based family therapist at Birmingham Maple Clinic. “Parents can set their children up for success by creating easy-to-remember expectations before leaving home,” she says. Create a list of five car behaviors to follow, such as keeping your hands to yourself and your bottom in the seat, using an inside voice and avoiding putting your feet on chair in front of you, suggests Krawiec.

Encourage positive behavior with travel rewards. “Parents can gauge their child’s level of attention by saying ‘I am going to watch these things and every five minutes if you have done this, you will earn a point for a sticker or silly band,’” says Krawiec. “This will make travel more cooperative.”

Charge Electronics

Even though you may limit your toddler’s time with tablets and electronic games at home, an iPad or Gameboy may be just what your child needs while traveling on long road trips. “With the age of technology, we have a big bonus,” says Christine Gutierrez, New York-based psychotherapist.

Many vehicles come equipped with DVD players and outlets for charging electronics to ease the challenge of traveling with young children. Pop in your child’s favorite movie or host a family sing-along with his favorite CD.

Make the trip educational, too. Download educational games and applications on a tablet to entertain your child or pick up a book or CD before taking off on your road trip. “Compromise is key here,” says Gutierrez. “Make baby happy and the rest of you shall be happy in the car as well.”

Chomp Down on Snacks Often, hunger cravings can cause a toddler to act out or misbehave. Prepare for a long road trip by packing a cooler of snacks and drinks to satisfy his hunger. Non-messy items, such as grapes, carrots or fruit gummies, will keep your toddler and your vehicle clean during snack time. Juice packs or milk in a Sippy cup can also comfort a sleepy toddler while traveling.

Break Out Goodie Bags The idea of being locked inside a vehicle for hours on end doesn’t necessarily sound appealing to a young child; however, if the trip includes goodie bags filled with games and activities, she may be more than eager to jump into that car seat.

Keep the bag in the front seat with you and break out games and activities along the way as your toddler gets antsy, such as a coloring book and crayons, an etch-a-sketch or even bubbles to blow out the window. Make the trip educational by purchasing a map and asking your toddler to point out states you drive through or license plates from each state. When your toddler is tired of one game or activity, take out another to keep her occupied.

Parents can include any of the following in a “goodie” bag for a long road trip with toddlers:

  • Dry erase board with markers
  • Stickers
  • Small Cars
  • New Books
  • Paper for Drawing
  • Travel Versions of Favorite Games
  • Dollar Store Finds

You can make activities much simpler by bringing along a lap desk or a cookie sheet your child can place on her lap. As a bonus, using magnets on the cookie sheet creates a game of its own, and the raised edges will prevent crayons or cars from landing on the floor of the car.

“Planning ahead is the key to preventing restless, unhappy children (and parents) during a car trip,” says Richard Peterson, vice president of education at Kiddie Academy. “In fact, you can even sneak in a little education along the way by playing classic car games, adjusted to fit your child’s age.”

Peterson suggests asking toddlers to search for shapes, colors or specific objects along the way. “The games will serve as a distraction, but also help to hone observation skills,” he says.

If all else fails, crank up the tunes or make a pit stop at a park along the way to deter boredom for your little one. “Boredom is probably the biggest difficulty your child will encounter during a long car trip,” says Peterson. “Toddlers live in the here and now and do not have the life experience to understand that the destination will be worth the time in the car seat.”

Your Late Fall/Early Winter Holiday Season Wardrobe Guide

isabella oliver fall

The late fall and early winter season is all about layering and comfort for moms-to-be. It’s very easy to get overheated so dressing your bump involves wearing items that you can peel off  and stay cool. Pants and dresses should be comfortable and contain scrunching on the sides to accommodate a growing belly.  Fabrics need breathable and soft yet made of all natural materials so not to irritate a pregnant women’s sensitive skin.

All of these characteristics can be found in one of my fave designers from my pregnancy, Isabella Oliver (which is having a mid-season sale). The line is a celebrity favorite, but I love it because it sells fashionable and chic clothing, but that at a modest price range that won’t break the bank.

I know for a fact and from my experience that when you put on an IO dress, it feels like second skin but has plenty give. I wore my pieces long after my pregnancy and even these days because many of them are timeless and classic.

This time of the year also involves plenty of holiday parties, visits to family and outdoor events and so a wardrobe should contain certain staple items.  I’d recommend making sure your wardrobe is stocked with the following:

  1. a Cardigan in a bright red, yellow or other mood-lifting color. Avoid prints bc solids are better for mixing and matching. Also, if you care about looking bigger, prints generally are a no-no in that regard.
  2. A pair of maternity jeans to wear to trips to the pumpkin patch, Christmas tree shopping or mall walking during Holiday shopping time. Get at least two pairs: a dressy pair that can be paired with a blazer and a more casual pair, perhaps distressed for an edgier weekend outing.
  3. LBDs – A few little black dresses are in order for Holiday parties. You can get an off-the-shoulder top to go with the trend or a turtleneck for the colder times of the year or if is raining or if the event will be outside.
  4. A chunky sweater – A thick sweater is ideal because they can be worn over top of several layers and serve as an alternative to a heavy coat because when you’re already feeling heavy, the last thing you want to throw on is a big ole coat!
  5. A Blazer – a blazer in a dark color is great for work functions,  cocktail hours, or chic lounge events meeting up with friends for a casual dinner or lunch.
  6. Jersey shirts – the feel of a jersey top is the best. They are also light enough that they can be layered. Get an assortment of muted and soft colors like pink, grey, tan and green. To mix it up and add a bit of flavor, you can pick up some striped tops as well.
  7. A festive dress – For Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, a dress with a cute pattern or nice cut will be perfect. You can also wear this dress in the family holiday photo or to a tree lighting or some other happy occasion.


Here is a selection of options to consider from our parenters at Isabella Oliver

Isabella Oliver Marlow Maternity Tab Dress 

With its cute Sixties vibe, this tunic is our workwear go-to. Cut from premium Ponte, it’s delightfully soft and stretchy yet still feels smart and tailored too. Pleat detailing accommodates growing bumps, while the gold button details satisfies our ‘I need something pretty’ craving. Pair with ballet pumps and wear from your 1st trimester to your 3rd – this dress will grow as you do. This style can be worn through every trimester of your pregnancy.

Isabella Oliver Maternity Scoop Top

This classic top has the power to revolutionise your maternity wardrobe. It’s simple, comfortable and features signature ruching for a smooth silhouette. Cut from our famous premium jersey it washes and wears brilliantly – great news considering it’s designed to be worn right throughout pregnancy (and for years afterwards too).

Isabella Oliver Maternity Layering Scoop Top

Simple, effortless and WORTH IT. This top is cut from our famous luxury jersey, so it washes and wears beautifully. Buy just one in ONE size and it’ll see you right through pregnancy, nursing and beyond. With a longer length and clean silhouette, you can style it in a myriad of ways: below a pencil skirt for work, over your trusty blues at the weekend, it goes on…you’ll swear by its quality and versatility. This ‘forever’ style can be worn

Isabella Oliver Eldon Maternity Midi Dress (28505)

With its understated shape, this bestselling dress allows you to connect with your inner style. Layer it under a leather jacket or cocoon coat, then add a scarf and pick any footwear – it works with everything. Crafted from our premium, addictively soft jersey you can wash it 1,000 times (then watch it bounce back). Pick one size and it’ll grow as you do – lasting the whole nine months. This isn’t just a luxury piece you’ll love. It will outlast

Isabella Oliver Heyford Print Maternity Dress

A little Sixties and a LOT of lovely, this tunic dress will get you everywhere – right through your 9 months. The front pleats give your bump room to bloom, while the side ties create a lovely shape and (it just gets better) the silky fabric feels super special too. Team with ballet pumps or ankle boots for a cutesy look you’ll love every day. This ‘forever’ style can be worn right through pregnancy and long after.

Isabella Oliver Zadie Stretch Maternity Skinny Jeans 

If you lived in your skinnies pre-pregnancy then you’ll love these maternity skinny jeans. They feature the same flattering fit and comfortable stretch denim as your favorite non-maternity pair, but with the additional benefit of a soft over-the-bump waistband. Dress them up for dinners or down for weekends at galleries. They’ll wash and wear over and over again and still retain their shape brilliantly. This style can be worn right through


6 Tips for Having a Tech Free Dinner with the Family


There are studies that say that families that have dinner together are more successful in terms of keeping up with their children’s lives and making sure they identify social issues at school or personally compared to families that do not dine together regularly. However, as we all know, in this very digital world we live in, mealtimes can often be filled with distractions.

I recall one Thanksgiving at a family member’s house and I noticed that all the young teens and millennials sitting on various chairs in the family room were each engrossed on their phones.

Dixie, the leader in disposable tableware, has launched ”Deadzone Diners,” a campaign inspiring people to disconnect from their mobile devices and connect over a meal. The initiative will transform the negative perception of cellular dead zones into unique opportunities for people to “Be More Here.” To help families better connect over the dinner table, the company had a created a set of tips to help them create their own “Deadzone Diners” and foster conversation and interaction.

It offers these 6 tips for  having your own “Deadzone” family dinners:

​1. ​Put your phone away during mealtime. Establish a guideline that everyone must put their phones on airplane mode and leave them in another room. This will allow families to focus solely on having meaningful face-to-face conversation with the people around them.

​2. Have dinner in unique location with no cell signal. Make dinner more fun, compelling and unique by finding a change of atmosphere. See if you can find a cellular dead zone to have a meal, such as your basement, a park or an isolated spot in the backyard. A change of scenery with “no bars” will encourage engaging conversation.

3. Come to the dinner table with one topic to discuss. Everyone in the family should come prepared with a conversation topic. It can be as simple as the best thing that happened to you that day. A shared meal is an important opportunity to have your family’s full attention to talk about the things that matter most.

4. Make sure everyone is involved. Make sure everyone at dinner has a role, whether it’s helping in the kitchen, setting the table or cleaning up. If everyone has a responsibility, it will limit the time they can spend on the phone and create a shared experience.

5. Try a new recipe, but keep it simple. Introducing a new recipe could be the start of great conversation. A home-made meal doesn’t have to take hours and it can be fun to prepare. Cooking will bring the family together, while avoiding the distraction of cell phones.

Good luck, parents!

OWN TV Reality TV star Evelyn Lozada Suffered her Second Miscarrage


Sad news for OWN channel reality TV star Evelyn Lozada. The Livin Lozada star revealed in a recent edition of Life & Style magazine that she suffered two miscarriages in under a  year.

Lozada gave birth to her and fiance LA Dodgers baseball star Carl Crawford‘s first child together a couple of years ago. In addition to her 2-year old son Leo, she also has a daughter Shaneice Hairston, who also stars in the show with her mom.

She discovered the news while spending the holidays with Crawford’s family, she told the magazine.

“I was literally miscarrying my baby.” But she kept it a secret at the time because she “didn’t want to dampen the mood,” adding, “I miscarried on Thanksgiving Day.”

This makes a total of two since giving birth to Leo. During season one of her show, she also had a miscarriage which played out in episodes.

“I was like, this cannot be happening to my life again,” the shoe designer and boutique owner added.

But she is not giving up.

“I love being a mom,” she said. “After two miscarriages, it makes me want to be a mom even more.”

We’re sending out positive vibes and prayers to her and the fam.


20 Solid Tips for Saving Money and Beating Long Lines at Disney World


An online friend recently asked for tips on Disney vacations and instead of retyping my thoughts from past blog posts, I’m sharing them here for her and you! There are 20 tips here from my personal experience and from researching what others have shared.

On Saving Money

Nearly every kid dreams of going to one of the Disney theme parks during their childhood years, but parents are usually a little more hesitant to book the trip because of the hefty price tag that accompanies it. If you are thinking about taking a trip to a Disney park and are looking to save money, check out the following ways to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on your trip. Keep in mind that Disney would like you to think that buying their packages is the best way to save money, but often you can save more by buying things separately.

  • Stay off the Disney campus. Surrounding hotels have lower pricing to entice travelers away from staying at Disney. Keep in mind that you will need to have a way to travel back and forth from Disney if you stay off campus.
  • Book your trip during the off season. Disney has many seasons ranging from “Value” to “Peak”. Unfortunately there isn’t a 3 month period that is considered to be the off season. Weekdays during the fall months are cheaper, and the period after Thanksgiving and before December 21st, when “Holiday Season” starts, is cheaper to book as well.
  • Book a hotel that includes breakfast. While breakfast is one of the least expensive meals to eat out, it can save you a surprising amount of money by eating at the hotel. Before heading back to your room, grab some extra fruit for a snack later in the day.
  • Bring along a soft sided cooler. You are allowed to bring in soft sided coolers to the park, and the ones that will fit in a backpack or are a backpack are ideal. This allows you to bring in both snacks and lunch. Plan to stop at a discount store or a grocery store to stock up on some food to take in for when family members start to get hungry.
  • Plan to eat your evening meal outside of the park. By dinner time you’ve spent the majority of the day at Disney and everyone is probably ready for a break. Take this opportunity to head back to your hotel and let everyone rest a bit and freshen up. Then, before going back to the park, stop and eat something.
  • Bring a refillable water bottle and flavored packets. There are water sources around the park that you can fill up a water bottle with, but it’s well water and doesn’t taste very good, so plan on bringing some flavored packets to sweeten up the water. Staying hydrated at the park is very important since you will be outside much of the time.
  • Check out local ticket hubs for discounted tickets. Disney wants you to think that you can’t buy tickets anywhere except through Disney and their affiliates, but this isn’t true. Keep your eyes open for ongoing deals. Sometimes you can make a donation to an Orlando hospital and the hospital will give you tickets to Disney for your family. Different programs like this pop up all year long so keep your eyes open for deals. Local ticket hubs can save you 5 to 10%, which may not seem like much, but once you do the math it starts to add up.
  • Join the Cirque club to receive 35% off of tickets. Joining the club is free and you must buy your tickets 30 days in advance to receive the discount. The discount is only offered for the Cirque de Soleil performances that are during the Tuesday through Saturday shows. Check the online club for applicable dates.
  • Go to Disney Quest for half price. If you’d like to check out Disney Quest (a virtual-reality theme park in downtown Disney) you can check for a manager’s special. Often if you go within 2 hours or less of closing you can save half off the ticket price. It would be something different to do and if you can go for half price it might be worth it. This discount isn’t always offered so check while you are there.
  • When renting a car don’t get stuck on size. If you plan on renting a car once you reach Disney make sure to check rental sites often, because specials do change. Rebooking your reservation could save you a bundle. Compact cars tend to rent out first so check the next size up; you can still end up saving because the rental companies may have a bunch of bigger cars they need to rent out and as such will give you a free upgrade.

On Beating Long lines

  • Go late in the evening.  The benefits of going after 5pm are numerous. First, the sun has set so it is cooler. Second, by then the crowds have thinned.  The last time I took my family to Disney World in Florida, we went to Space Mountain around 8pm and timed it the exact time the nightly Electric Parade was going on along Main Street. Most people skipped off to see that. Our wait was 15 minutes flat. We were in and out.
  • Use the “Fast Pass” option. Disney’s amusement parks actually have a system that lets you skip the line legally. It’s called Fast Pass. You go to your ride of choice and are given a pass with a specific later time stamped on it for you to return to the ride.  Go grab a bite, go on a ride with no line or explore other sites and return at the time on the pass. You get to go straight to a special no-wait line – your reward for patience and using the system. Essentially, you just have time and schedule your visit right to get the benefit of this option.
  • Go early in the morning. The other alternative to going late is going very early when the parks first open. There are usually very few families that can get their kids up and out that early so then again, you will be faced with shorter lines. Also, for beating the heat purposes, since the temperature is usually hottest mid day, you can beat the glaring sun by starting your day super early.
  • Go during off peak times. March thru May and Early June, and hurricane season in October  (for Disney World in Florida) are the times of the year when the crowds are less. Combine the other tricks with going during an off peak time of the year, and you’re almost guaranteeing a seamless ride process.
  • Go during the middle of the week. Many people who travel incorporate the weekend and choose Saturday or Sunday to fraternize the parks. That is when locals also are likely to also visit. If you are staying in the area for at least a week, go in the middle of the week to save lines and ensure fewer crowds.
  • Bonus from a commenter: Take advantage of the single rider option. You also get a chance to go through the line faster if you don’t mind riding in a car alone or with someone else you don’t know.

On Dealing with Small Kids

  • Pack small snacks: A lot of irritability from long strolls from attraction to attraction can be caused by slight hunger. Offer goldfish crackers, cereal, or another fave snack.
  • Opt for the umbrella stroller: A bulky stroller will be hard to maneuver in tight spaces. If you have one, bring a smaller umbrella stroller. Also, for rides when you have to park the stroller, it is easy to fold them up and put them aside than finding a space among a sea of strollers.
  • Take Plenty Breaks: Avoid the urge of wanting to get everything in. Keep your eye on the clock and the attraction map, but make sure you schedule in mini breaks too.
  • Put a cap or Hat and Sunscreen on baby. The sun can be unbearable and the heat would make a small child fussy. Make sure you keep them cool and hydrated and protect them from sunburn by applying plenty of sunscreen before and replenish the application mid-way through. Sweat lessens the effect of some sunscreen lotions.

I hope these tips are helpful! Good luck parents! Let me know if you use any of these tips and if they work out for you!