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20 Fabulous DIY Summer Nail Color and Designs To Try Out

If you’re like a lot of us, you may be totally over the global lockdown and stay home orders that require us to self-isolate from our friends and to avoid frequented sites and to social distance.

But if you’re like me and other fashionistas, you may be struggling with the idea of not being able to get your hair and nails done and having no where to wear all the frivolous outfits you’ve been buying online lately.

Hopefully, you check out my previous posts that show you how to do your own DIY spa with stuff in the fridge and pantry, how to get professional looking nails at home and how to enjoy a nice foot soak and pedicure.

Whether I’m flexing my designs in social media or at the grocery store, I often get remarks from store clerks and friends who believe my nails were done professionally. Now that’s a sign that they look good!

Now if you’re looking for nice colors or design ideas to experiment with at home, you can check out my DIY Nails board on Pinterest which has a nice following of about 10,000 users.

I’ve curated 20 from that board which has the source for the creatives who made or sported these looks:

Pastel Ombre

Almost Neon Blue Coffin Nails


The Joker

Jungle Boogie


Orange Apeal

Pretty in Pink

Unexpected Tips

Earl Gray

Natural Beauty

Neon Lights


Marble Skies

Baby Pink

Unicorn Love

Cosmic Beauty

Forrest v. Beach

Pink Stiletto


The Cosmopolitan

Moon and Stars


Shark’s Fin



How to Do Professional-Looking Nails At Home

With a lot of non-essential businesses being closed for the global quarantine, a lot of women who regularly get their nails done (me included) are finding themselves having to do their own manicures.

Before COVID-19 changed life for all of us, my baby sister put me on the at-home nails as a temp solution. Since then, I’ve tried quite a few with much success.

My absolute fave brands are Ardell which is more famous for its fake eyelashes and Kiss, which is a staple for nails.

They range in price from $5 to $15 for the nails. You can get a bottle of nail glue at the drug store or beauty supply store for about $5. Other than that, all you really need is a file and buffing block which you can get for about $5!

Here is a photo of some short nails I tried out earlier this year:

[Buy the matte blue ones here]

And a French manicure set by Kiss.

[Buy it here under $7]

This week, for Easter, I installed some coffin shaped nails.  I still have to paint them but I like how they turned out.

[Get your own on Amazon here]

My sister has upped the ante and actually purchased a drill and does her own nails and they look great! Check out her results.

She uses the clear, pre-cut ones by the brand AORAEM which come in packs of 100 plus pieces and ordered the colored acrylic powder by lfei which is $27 but comes with 24 colors would last you months!

You will also need to invest in professional grade polymer powder  and the monomer solution to activate the powder but it is sold as a set for about $25!

Finally, she picked up a UV lamp from Walmart for about $15.

If you are brave, patient and daring enough, you can do the same following these tips from Wiki How! Of if you are a more visual learner like I am, YouTube has tons of videos!

Here are two videos: Here and Here to guide you, though that second one is a bit extra (you’ll see if you check it out). And if you want to try the dipping powder DIY, this is a really good video here!

This is the drill she uses by MelodySusie for home salon use. It cost about $30! 

In the end, the total output is about $100 but when you consider the fact it costs between $40 to $75 to get them done professionally, normally, this is  a great investment!

Good luck! Please share your output with me Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @Bellyitch!

Crave: Hot Fall Nail Colors To Get Now

On the hunt for a new fall nail color? This time of the year, moms, moms to be and other women who like to switch up their nails and experiment

If you live in the part of the country where jewels and other adornments on the nails are common, or if you work in the fashion industry, you might want to check out the latest trends in nail art and jewels.


I love variations of burgundy, blues and orange for the fall. Also, yellow and forest green are common hues as well.


I are my picks (source) and (source)

Veterans Day: Military-Service Corp Inspired Nail Art

Today, we in the United States honor and salute the brave men and women who have served in the military!
Just for fun, if you’d like to wear your salute on your nails and have a day off, consider also decorating your nails in a military -inspired designs or nail art.
Find this tutorial HERE:
And check out these other designs:



Air Force

Coast guard

Rio Olympic 2016: DIY Nails for Every Fan and Athlete

swim nails

Tonight is the opening ceremony for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As in past years, we can expect fans and the athletes to decorate their nails in support of their home country or the team they are supporting. For the 2012, Olympics Buzzfeed did a spotlight on all the fab nails that female swimmers wore during the games (like the ones in the header and below)

swim team nails

olympic nails

swim nails team

Also, CNN also did a tribute to the fan arts in this montage that included some of these nails:

Finally, for the 2014 World Cup, we did a round up of fun DIY nails for all the teams that qualified for those games as well, which coincidentally were also in Brazil. Hope these draw some inspiration if you are moved to go brave and paint your nails in honor of your fave team.





















KOREA (South)













Here are Some DIY Memorial Day Make-Up & Nails Inspiration 

Bellyitch Rewind



Congress has in place recommendations and rules that limits the way the American flag is displayed and used, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. For example, it should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise; it should never be carried flat or horizontally, but always aloft and free; should never have anything placed on it; and never  advertising purpose, nor embroidered on cushions or handkerchiefs, printed on paper napkins or boxes, nor used as any portion of a costume.

That doesn’t stop make up and nail polish design aficionados from using the colors and Old Glory to inspire their designs and looks. Here is a collection of unique interpretations from our Pinterest following.

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Valentine’s Day DIY Nail Art- 20 Inspiration Designs

From Sister Blog PoshTheSocialite.com

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is too!  Check out some awesome D.I.Y and professional nail art design ideas. Tell us what your favorite design is from hearts, kisses, and scriptures written with L.O.V.E! Enjoy and tag us in your Valentine’s Day nail art. #PoshVdayNails

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