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2017 Celebrity Pumpkin and Harvestival Sightings (PHOTOS)

It’s ripe pumpkin patch season and just like a lot of families, celebrity families too head out and enjoy late year festivities.

Recently, Lauren Conrad, Blac Chyna, Danielle Jonas and others found themselves at Harvest festivals.

They shared photos of their fall adventures on their respective social media feeds.

Out in Hollywood, Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Culver City, California is a favorite spot for celebrities.

Last year, Bellyitch spotted this year include alums Heidi Klum, Kendra Wilkinson, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Gwen Stefani , Kourtney and Kim Kardashian and Rachel Zoe at the patch with their kids. We also saw then first time mom-to-be The Walking Dead star Alanna Masterson, who plays “Tara Chambler” on the hit AMC show posing a patch; and late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel and his daughter Molly.

You can check out PEOPLE magazine’s  round up PR this year’s photos here  



Halloween, Heidi Klum Outdoes Herself…Literally 

Our Bellyitch bump watch alum Heidi Klum is still queen of Halloween.

The creator and longtime host of Project Runway is known for outfitting herself in the most over-the-top costumes for her annual Halloween party.

The veteran Supermodel has been a skinless man, a caricature of Jessica Rabbit, a Hindu God and more.

This year she cloned herself and was Heidi Klum x 6 for 2016.


Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Heidi Klum

Some past costume close up

How to Avoid Child Identity Theft (INFOGRAPHIC)


This Halloween, there can be nothing more scary than the idea that one of these highly-publicized security breaches we’ve been hearing about results in our child’s identity being taken and used for nefarious purposes by hackers.

How horrible would it be for your 10 year old to have bad credit before he can even watch a PG-13 movie because he went to a gaming site and gave up too much information.

There are several things that parents can do to protect our children online (and ourselves) and Experian has assembled some of these tips for our readers into an infographic that we hope you find useful!

If you do, please share the knowledge and pass it along to your friends and family with kids as well!


The 12 Most Creative Pregnant Woman Halloween Costumes Ever

Halloween is around the bend. If you celebrat and are preggers, you may be thinking about how to dress your bump creatively for the holiday.

Mommy page assembled some pretty witty and creative costumes worn by pregnant ladies over the Years.

These in our estimation are the most creative!














These Folks Nailed Their Celebrity Halloween Costumes

blue and penelope

It’s also very popular to dress as a celebrity for Halloween. This year, we spotted several people dressed as many of the celebrity families we’ve featured on Bellytich Blog in the past, including North West and Penelope Disick on their way to or from ballet class. Cute.

Here are others:

Ayesha and Steph Curry

kim and kanye
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

amber rose
Amber Rose

And then there were some of our faves dressing as other pop culture TV and movie characters

Kevin Hart and his fiance Eniko Parrish as Gina and Martin from the 1980s show Martin.

coming to america
Beyonce and Jay-Z as  Queen Aoleon and Prince Akeem from the 1980s movie Coming to America.


13 Creative Halloween 2014 Baby Costumes

Baked Potato Costume – @katelin_cruse
This Halloween, a lot of people took off on the baby dressed as a Subway sub and dressed their babies as an assortment of wraps including Chipotle Burritos, wrap sandwhiches and baked potatoes like above. 
Here are the 13 of the most creative baby and toddler costumes we spotted in social media from Halloween 2014
Baby Burrito – @TazSAngels_
Chipotle Burrito

Baby Lightening Bug – @meghannbuchannan

Edward Scissorhands – @roughlovn

Pera the Jack Skelington – @roughlovn

Another Pera the Jack Skelington – @dtamdogan

Baby Duck Dynasty – @Katelin_Cruse


Baby “Fear and Loathing in Vegas” character – @Katelin_Cruse


Ruth Baby Ginsburg – Buzzfeed


Willy Wonka  Oompa Loompa – @mommababy99


A Baby Turning Up


A Screen Saver

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Happy #Halloween! Paint your pregnant belly like a pumpkin in 6 easy steps!

It’s a seasonal thing that some pregnant women like to try if they happen their third trimester happen to all around Halloween time: Paint their bellies like a pumpkin or Jack-O-Lantern.

Here are 6 easy steps to painting your belly from Families.com

1. First you will want to select a safe paint to use on your belly. The easiest and cheapest choice is face paint, which this time of year is very easy to find at any discount store such as Walmart. The water should be water-based. Proud Body also sells a pregnant belly painting kit, which includes everything you need.

2. If you have not purchased a complete kit, you will want to buy paint brushes, a sponge and stencils. The sponge allows you to easily cover a large area with paint. You may or may not need a stencil to paint a pumpkin, depending on how artistic you are!

3. Find a real pumpkin or a photo to use as your guide. Unless you are confident in your ability to paint your own belly using a mirror, find an “artist” to do the painting. If you want your pumpkin to look good, you might enlist an adult. If you want it to look cute, you can ask your kids to do it, just be ready for a mess!

4. Start by painting a large round circle of orange on your belly and fill it in. If you want to make it look more realistic, blend some red and brown into the orange at the bottom of the pumpkin and blend, working your way up. Use a bit of yellow to add highlights.

5. Use brown paint to smudge in lines where the grooves of the pumpkin will be. Blend a little to shade. Go back over the lines with a thin line of black paint.

6. Use the black paint to draw and fill in the eyes and mouth. Use the black to draw the stem and leaves, then fill them in with green paint. You can add a few curly lines for vines if you wish.

When you’re done, don’t forget to take pictures!

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Celeb wellness expert’s 3 Last-minute Healthy #Halloween Tricks

Halloween is tomorrow and if your child is one of the 6 million affected with a food allergy or other restriction, the festivities could end up on a sour note.
To make Halloween a safe and fun experience for everyone, safe and healthy from wellness expert Shanna Israel offers 3 go-to tips families: 
Trick #1: Outfit your Kids & Paint your Pumpkins
The best way to keep your kids safe is to take precautions, making sure that others know your child, or your house, is a gluten or peanut-free environment.

  • Take part in the Teal Pumpkin Project and paint a teal pumpkin for your stoop. This is becoming 2014’s universal sign that your house is “safe” for those with a dietary restriction.
  • Outfit your child in a medical ID bracelet to highlight their medical conditions upfront. Companies like Hope Paige design some really cute ones for kids

 Trick #2: Update your candy bowl
The candy bowl can be a nightmare for parents with kids suffering from an allergy. Some simple tricks to help those with allergies stay safe are:

  • Create two candy bowls, clearly marked which candy has specific ingredients, such as peanuts or tree nuts, and which is safe for kids. Make sure you ask about allergies before you let them dig in
  • Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you need to provide unhealthy treats! Sticking to dark chocolate is a simple swap, or try to incorporate healthier treats like KIND bars or small packages of trail mix. Still tasty treats kids will like and parents will thank you!

Trick #3: Health-ify your Halloween dishes
Halloween parties or get-togethers are quite common this weekend, so come prepared with a tasty treat that’s both healthy & delicious! Some tips for those with dietary restrictions to successfully navigate the Halloween parties:
Celeb wellness expert Shanna Israel

  • Bring your own dish: Not only will it ensure you have something to eat, but it’s a great way to provide the host with a gift and demonstrate to party goers that healthy can be delicious, too!
  • Expand your recipe book: Especially around Halloween, you can experiment with fun, spooky dishes that incorporate veggies, superfoods like pumpkin and candies without the sugar, calories or other artificial sweeteners.

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Which Celeb Family does Halloween Best?

Each year, several celebrity families dress up in themed Halloween costumes, outfitting up themselves and their kids to match the theme.  
Jessica Simpson, NFL‘s Eric Johnson and daughter Maxwell went as a Swedish Family, Niecy Nash and fam did the Little Red Riding Hood storybook, Tori Spelling  and Dean McDermott rocked Wolverine and other superheros theme, while Brook Shields and fam went at members of The Addams Family. Last year, Snooki went as Dorothy form The Wizard of Oz with son Lorenso dressed as the lion and fiance Jionni LaValle as the scarecrow. 
All very creative. 
But a few are great at being consistently creative, year after year and we’d give the best Celeb Halloween family award to Neil Patrick Harris  and fam, Alyson Hannigan and fam’ amd  Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. 

Who do you think tops the celeb family Halloween look?

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Halloween: 10 tots dressed like Pop Culture characters (PHOTOS)


Halloween is a great time for parents to use their creative imagination and dress up their babies and kids like all sorts of characters….literally. Take Don Draper from Mad Men above here or the very viral image of the gang from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids cartoon, Dumb Donald, Fat Albert, Rudy and Mush Mouth. Here are some other gems, some from last night and a few from years past.

Where the Wild Things Are
Dwight from The Office 


Baby Gallagher 

Korean pop star, known for worldwide hit Gangnam Style, Psy 

A yummy Subway flatbread sandwich 

Hannibal Lechter 

Baby Prince circa Purple Rain

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