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Janet Jackson Welcomes First Child, Son, Eissa Al Mana


Congratulations to Janet Jackson who gave birth to her first child, a son, today, Tuesday, January 3, a rep told PEOPLE magazine.

This is the first baby for Jackson and her husband since 2012, Qatari business tycoon Wissam al Mana. The couple have decided to name him Eissa al Mana.  Her rep

The couple kept the pregnancy pretty private throughout, though they were spotted out and about in the UK doing some baby shopping, and a spokesperson later revealed that the pop icon was excited about become a mom.

This summer, the “Design of the Decade” singer announced to fans via social media that she had plans to put off her “Unbreakable” tour to focus on carrying her child, which at age 50, would require care, as can be imagined.

Despite persistent rumors that she and ex husband James DeBarge had a child during their marriage, the evidence, as we reported on the blog late last year, does not support any of the theories, or speculation that their would-be child was raised by a sibling.

Congrats to the happy couple and the new arrival. Welcome to the world, Eissa!

Our Celebrity ‘Bumpwatch’ Mom of The Year Is…


In year’s past, we’ve recognized the celebrities that we followed most and we’ve even awarded superlatives. This year, while reviewing a year’s worth of posts, we are prepared to award the Bellyitch Bumpwatch Celebrity Mom-to-Be of the Year.

The honor goes to…. The Over 40 Celebrity!

Several stars including Savannah Guthrie, 45, Tyra Banks (via surrogate) 43, Lisa Ling, 43, Tameka “Tiny” Cottles 40, Eva Mendes, 42, Keri Russell, 40, Alanis Morissette, 42 and Janet Jackson, 50 welcomed or announced a pregnancy this year.

Why do they deserve special recognition over the 20 and 30-something millennial celebrities who also gave birth in 2016, you ask?

As women age, it becomes even more challenging to conceive without medical intervention and to carry a baby to term. Therefore, when it happens, there is even more reason to celebrate given the odds and hurdles that must be overcome to achieve success.

Gestational carrier, surrogacy, adoption and other medical methods like IVF and donor egg have made it possible for some. A few have been successful without medical assistance. Either way, our hats off to those who balanced career and family and still had the time, ability and inclination to want to welcome a new addition in 2016.

You guys are the real MVP!

over 40

And more veteran moms over 40 have been keeping up and showing out the younger ones by showing off super fit bods. Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Kelly RipaMel B. and Halle Berry shared photos of themselves in social media with super toned and ripped physiques.

Granted, we know celebrity women have access to personal chefs, trainers and a team of assistants to help them out with their children so they can hit the gym regularly and often. Also, they work in an industry where it is essential for them to have their bodies snatched back into fit and trim shape, but it still takes harder work and more dedication to stay fit when your metabolism slows and it gets harder to shed pounds and keep it off.

Check out some other celeb over 40 women with bad bods at Pop Sugar here!


Another Jackson in Making: Shah’s Asa Soltan is Expecting with Jermaine Jackson Jr


Reality TV star of Bravo TV’s show Shahs of Sunset, Asa Soltan Rahmati, is expecting a baby with a Jackson, her longtime beau Jermaine Jackson II, son of Jackson 5 member Jermaine Jackson.

That makes two brand new Jacksons on their way to being born as Jermaine’s aunt Janet Jackson  is expecting as well with her husband Wissam Al Mana and is scheduled to deliver soon. Jermaine II’s  uncle, of course, is the late great Michael Jackson.

Soltan waited until she was in her 8th month of pregnancy before sharing a very pregnant photo to her Instagram‘s follower.

She captioned the photo: “29 weeks pregnant. 🙂 Feeling incredibly grateful. Becoming familiar with my new body. Had a beautiful day with my Love and our Love nugget driving up the coast. #HappySunday ❤️??????❤️ #MamiPriestess #asasoltan#shahs #shahsofsunset #LoveNugget

Since the cat was let out of the bag, Asa, known well in the Venice bohemian artist scene, has since shared photos of herself during earlier stages of her pregnancy. “This was me at 5 months pregnant in Hawaii,” the entrepreneur captioned a photo of herself wearing a tunic from her Asa caftan.

The former Iranian refugee is also joining the celebrity baby over 40 club because she is set to deliver her baby a few months before her 41st birthday; and Janet in the club too given the platinum selling Pop queen is currently 50-years old.

What Janet Jackson Tweeted to Her Fans Today


After a long silence, mom-to-be Janet Jackson has reached out to her fans in a tweet.

Trying to assure them that she is okay, the pop icon tweeted, “Hey you guys.. It’s been awhile.. but I’m still listening.. I feel your love and prayers.. Thank you.. and I’m doing well.. Al Hamdu lillah.” (which means “Praise be to God” in Arabic)

It was her first communication since announcing in April this year via Facebook that she planned to postpone her world tour to focus on growing a family.

This is the first child for Jane and husband, Billionaire Qatar developer Wissam Al Mana.

Good to know all is well, Ms. Jackson! Thanks for keeping us updated! We’re keeping you in our thoughts and prayers as well!

James DeBarge is Once Again Claiming He & Janet Jackson Have a Secret Daughter 


Singer James DeBarge is claiming once again that he believes he has a love child with Janet Jackson.

This is not the first time the 1990s DeBarge family band member has made this allegation

In a previous interview with RadarOnline, DeBarge said a young woman contacted him and told him Janet gave up her up for adoption after giving birth. The alleged daughter said it happened following Janet’s short-lived marriage to James.

The “Rhythm Nation” singer eloped with DeBarge in 1984, but the marriage was annulled in 1985.

In a newly released clip from WE TV‘s reality tv show, Growing Up Hip Hop, 53-year-old DeBarge tells his actual daughter Kristinia that he has a secret daughter with Janet after Kristina confronted him with news accounts of a secret child. 

“I’m tired of the secrecy,” DeBarge tells his daughter when she confronts him about an article she read in which he discusses the claims. “I’m tired of the truth not coming forward, and people being a coward when it comes to it. And I thought it was wise for me to speak out now because it needs to be addressed.”

He says he thought it was s lie but us convinced it is true.

“To be honest with you, I didn’t know,” he continues. “I was under the impression that there was no baby, and I wanted to believe it’s not true. But it is.”

People have attempted to link three of Janet’s nieces to the secret child claim. They allege  each niece was given up to be raised by Janet’s siblings as their own.

The dates of each don’t add up. 

First, rumors have existed for decades suggesting that her brother Jackie Jackson’s daughter Brandi with Jackie’s now deceased wife Enid was Janet’s secret child.

Brandi was born in 1982 when Janet was 16 and hadn’t started dating James yet.

Second, there are also lots of claims that Randy Jackson‘s daughter, Stevanna, a Harvard MBA grad and actress, is Janet’s daughter. 

But, Stevanna is 26 and was born in 1990, five years after James and Janet split. There is no incubation period that long for a human child. 

Others have said the child was being raised by her older sister Rebbie (Maureen) Jackson but the daughter that resembles Janet most, Stacee, is 45-years old so….negative there too. 

Possibly, the woman who contacted James was trying to make a false claim to a fat inheritance because if she really was James’ child, a simple DNA test would prove it. 

Most likely, 50-year old Janet, is really about to give birth to her first child with husband Wissam Al Mana after years of trying to conceive with her 44-year old spouse. 

The singer’s big pregnancy news came after she announced in April that she would be postponing her tour to start a family.

Spotted: Janet Jackson in an Adidas Poncho but websites are calling it ‘Full Islamic dress’


Janet Jackson was spotted out and about baby wardrobe shopping with her husband Wissam Al Manna wearing a hooded Y-3 Adidas Poncho sweater but a bunch of news outlets like Daily Mail, the UK Mirror and others are calling it full Islamic dress.


However, to be fair,  it is quite true that Jackson converted to Islam after marrying Al Manna, a Qatar billionaire, in 2012, and she has been seen often wearing a hijab. Also, before postponing her “Unbreakable” tour, she dressed fully covered up while performing.

Therefore, the choice of this poncho is fitting with traditional and conservative Islamic dress.

The singer is expecting her first child and took a stroll out with her husband after grabbing lunch and a health food restaurant in London last week.


 photo collage: Twitter, Instagram, Y-3


The Other 50 Year-Old in AARP Magazine, Janet Jackson

Everyone on the Internet were losing their minds over the fact that Beverly Hills 90210 heartthrob Luke Perry is 50 and on the cover of AARP magazine.

Meanwhile, the American Association of Retired Persons mag also took on another famous 50-year old making headlines: Janet Jackson.  

At 50, the pop singer is expecting her first child with husband Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana, whom she married in 2012.

Women that age who are healthy can have a successful pregnancy, a medical practitioner said in the issue. 

“If you’re 50 and healthy, the outcome of having a healthy pregnancy is high,” says Robert O. Atlas, head of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, but noted  that “a woman’s risks go up if she used reproductive technology like IVF and donor eggs, or if there are medical disorders such as hypertension. Then the risks go up exponentially.”

Having a first child at 50 like Jackson is still not common, more women are waiting longer to get pregnant. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that about 20 percent of women in the United States now have their first child after age 35.

“So many women are getting pregnant in their 40s, 50 is not that big of a difference in age per se,” Atlas says. “If you’re healthy, you can anticipate a healthy pregnancy.”

The latest research also suggests Jackson’s chances of delivering a healthy baby are good. 

According to a 2012 study in the American Journal of Perinatology, postmenopausal women over the age of 50 experienced similar rates of complications, such as gestational diabetes and preterm labor, as women under the age of 42 who received donated eggs. 

Of the 101 patients in the study, 61 reported no complications, and 32 reported just one complication.

So while there are lots of discussion about the impact of parenting a child so late in maternal age and its effect of the children, the fact remained it is getting more common nowadays. 

Janet Jackson Confirms Pregnancy in PEOPLE 

janet jackson

Janet Jackson has confirmed that she is pregnant at the age of 50, posing for a photograph showing off her baby bump.

The singer married Wissam al Mana, a Qatari billionaire businessman, in 2012, and the couple live in Dubai.

In April this year, she announced that she was taking a break from her tour to start “planning our family” and “rest up.”

janet jackson people

She had not confirmed pregnancy rumors, however, until the publication of PEOPLE magazine on Wednesday.

The magazine carried an exclusive photograph of a smiling Jackson with her hand on her stomach.

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Mom-to-Be Janet Jackson is Trending for an Odd Reason

janet jackson

I can’t believe Janet Jackson is trending for something so common as bed rest. The pop star is expecting her first child at age 50 and bed rest can be expected with high-risk pregnancies of women of advanced age. The gossip press is saying she is hiding from the public because of the baby’s health.

Also, “insiders” to the gossip blogs are reporting to the press that the “Unbreakable” singer has “ballooned” to 250 pounds and fears being seen in the public. Given that excessive weight gain is also not uncommon for first time moms –to-be (celebrity or not), I could easily see why she may be hesitant about being judged and attacked in the press and social media. Jackson has had a history of fluctuating weight and recently, she’s been at a healthy and curvy size during her concert tour.  With working in an industry that prioritizes beauty and size, it should come as no surprise that she is shielding herself away from the public eye, if it is true that she has put on a lot of pregnancy weight.

I’ve also seen people in social media hypothesize that she may be laying low because she is using a surrogate and doesn’t want anyone to see her without a pregnant belly. I highly doubt that scenario for a couple of reasons : 1) there is no shame in surrogacy as many women have welcomed babies into their lives that way; and 2) she never said she was carrying the baby herself (her brother did) and therefore there would be no “lie” to run away from if it was true.

In any event, my thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Jackson and her husband for a healthy pregnancy and safe labor and delivery.

Found: Mom-to-be Janet Jackson is Summering Here While Expecting


Veteran pop star Janet Jackson took a break from her “Unbreakable” tour as she prepares to deliver her first child at age 50 with her billionaire husband Wissam Al Mana. She’s been unseen in the public, mainly, but HollywoodLife.com‘s snoops found her.

The couple are right here stateside in Cali.


“Janet and her husband Wissam Al Mana, have been summering in a luxurious Malibu beachside rental,” an insider revealed to HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “The fabulous four bedroom, three bath estate boasts 4,000 square feet of space and has been newly renovated.”

The source revealed “at only $150,000.00 a month, the place is a bargain!”

Alright now, Janet!

Given the fact she is having a very high risk pregnancy, as her brother Tito Jackson revealed, it is important that she relaxes and takes it easy and I imagine that a luxe beach side rental is THE best place to get some R&R.

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