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Mother’s Day 2018: What Celebrities Tweeted Today

Here is how celebrities celebrated their moms and motherhood today on Motherhood. They shared some tender moments from childhood and current times with their own moms, wives and children in the following tweets archived in a Twitter Moment! Look:

10 Mother’s Day Posters To Share, Tweet, or Tag Someone On Today

Happy Mother’s Day from your friends and family at Bellyitch Blog. Today is a day for sending out greetings and well wishes to your mom, siblings, aunts, Godparents, neighbors, friends and other family members who are mothers. In modern times, these messages are not always delivered through a telephone call but via Text, a posting on someone’s Facebook page, an @ mention in Twitter or Instagram or Snap Chat.

Pinterest and Etsy are not social media platforms but they are great places for snagging a creative Mother’s Day Poster  to share. Including the one above, here are 10 for ya!

Finally, for those who Mother’s Day is a tough time:

Mother’s Day: 5 Free or Low Last Minute Gifts She Will Love

Sometimes Mother’s Day can creep up on you, and before you know it you are panicking about what gift to get. Other times the budget just is not there to get the gift that she really deserves.

Here are some low-cost gifts that can be put together last minute to show Mom she is appreciated and if the day arrives and you realize that you forgot to send a gift or card to your mom who may not live close to you, there are always Hallmark eCards for Mother’s Day you can send .

1. Time to herself Moms are busy. They were many hats, and most of their time is dedicated to other people. So why not give mom a break? Take the kids for a day, so she can have a day off. Give her the time to pursue whatever she wants and make sure there are no unwanted interruptions. If Mom wants the day to go shopping, then make sure the car is not in the shop.

If she want to stay at home and garden, followed by lounging in the tub with a good book, make sure the kids are out of the house so there is not competition for the bathroom or soccer balls rolling through her plants.


One last tip, do not make Mother’s Day the day she gets off. This should be a separate day. A date that is agreed on in advance so that she can makes plans if she so chooses.

2. A weekend of sleeping in

For moms with young kids, sleeping in is a true luxury. Little ones are frequently early birds and one they are awake, there is no convincing them they should go back to bed. That can mean Mom is up early seven days a week corralling kids who have gotten a full night’s rest regardless of how many hours of sleep she has gotten.

Any sleep deprived mom will cherish the opportunity to have a morning to sleep in, but an entire weekend of sleeping in is gift gold. If you can slip out of bed in the morning before she has been roused by the kids and let her wake up to the surprise of a clock that has ticked past her normal time, all the better.

However, if you are a sound sleeper and are afraid you will not hear the kids first, or if she will still beat you out of bed, announce your intentions beforehand. That way, when Mom hears the first sounds of a waking child she can nudge you out of bed.

3. A surprise girls’ night out- Mom may have a routine with her girlfriends. Maybe they arrange playdates so they can hang out, maybe they work out sporadic nights out when they can arrange kids-free time. Maybe Mom has not seen her girlfriends in a long time due to distance or schedules, etc.

If she is a social butterfly, then try to contact the significant others of the rest of her social circle to pre-arrange a night when all “the girls” will be free. Then let Mom and her friends make their plans with the knowledge that there is no schedule juggling to be done.

4. Mix tape or playlist – This may seem like a cheesy thing from your high school days, but do not think cassette tape filled with sappy love-songs. Rather, put together a playlist that includes some of her new favorites, as well as a few favorites from specific points in her life, and then include a track or two of her kids singing. This can be something that give her on a CD, or maybe load it onto her mp3 player to surprise her.

5. Clean the house -In some homes the chores are split 50-50, in some maids do some of the basic cleaning, other moms dos the majority of the housework herself. Regardless of the percentage of routing cleaning tasks mom has on her plate, she will enjoy having a week where she will not have to do every single one of them.

Try to tackle the chores she dislikes the most first, and try to do as many as possible.

Happy Mother’s Day weekend y’all

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Shop Our Partners

Looking for a perfect gift for mom?  Check out some of the awesome products and services that some of my  affiliate partners  are offering. By patronizing them you help me deliver quality content, news and information every day.

Your patronage of these brands will support a small business which just doesn’t include mom and pop brick and mortar stores but the thousands of people who have products, services and platforms, like this one, online.

Check them out and if you’re in the need of any product, your purchase today will keep this blog running. I thank you in advance!

Isabella Oliver

Isabella Oliver is a celebrity fave maternity designer. When I was expecting, I wore some of these designs and found the signature ruching on the size forgiving and breathable. The aesthetic is simple and they stick to clean lines. I love this brand because you can wear the pieces under a denim or casual jacket or pair them with pearls and heels and the clothes work either way. IO also sells shoes, belts and other accessories.

Isabella Oliver


I know from first hand experience that the quality of the clothing is superior. They last in the wash and the colors do not fade. The brand is known for selling very well coordinated pieces with whimsical characters or in solids, neutrals and other long-lasting hues. The clothing is made of natural materials mostly, and they look really cute. I’ve blogged about this brand often before because I am a believer in it. It’s the brand all the affluent suburban moms outfit their kids in so you know it’s top stuff. (smile).  Gymboree sells from baby to tween.

Shop Global.Gymboree.com

Umi Shoes

Umi makes shoes with technology and comfort in mind.  Each shoe is lightweight and ergonomically fit for your child’s growing feet. They come in packaging made of 100% recycleable materials. The price point is reasonable and these shoes are durable and can stand the test of playground time and rough and tumble.

UMI Children's Shoes


Since your baby will be spending most of her time (up to 18 hours a day) in her crib, it is important to get the right mattress and not go cheap. Get the best you can.  An eco-friendly foam and innerspring mattresses like the ones sold by Naturpedic tend to be made with fewer chemicals, plastics, and PVC (vinyl), and a greater percentage of renewable and sustainable materials, such as cotton, fast-growing bamboo, coir, plant-based foam, and natural latex (rubber from tree sap that’s been injected with air). Also, the manufacturing process for some eco-friendly crib mattresses tends to produce fewer carbon emissions. The Naturepedic No-Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 150 crib mattress shown here has a “U.S.-grown organic cotton filling” and a polyethylene plastic waterproof surface that, the manufacturer says, is free of vinyl/ PVC, phthalates, lead, or antimicrobial biocides. It sells for $260. The outer cover of this mattress might limit the exposure to toxins.

Naturepedic Organic Baby Mattresses

ABC Mouse

I’ve boasted plenty about this online learning platform for kids. I purchased a subscription for my daughter when she was 4 and she followed the curriculum through the end. Today, she is a top reader, tests in the 99% for reading and gets all As in school. I credit her early start from this program which is having a sale through Cyber Monday of 63% off its annual fee. This is perfect equalizer for those who cannot afford to pay a tutor for their child like some of the most affluent amnong us. ABC Mouse is used in schools and many early learning centers around the nation and globe!

Pittman and Davis

This Holiday season, consider giving a gift of food! Fruit baskets, cakes, candy and other assorted food items are great for giving employees, teachers, vendors, a boss, colleagues, clients and the like. Also, order a few small gift baskets to give as host gifts when you go over people’s homes for parties, gatherings, dinners and other social gatherings this holiday season. Pittman and Davis have been shipping orchard  orchard fresh fruit, smoked meats, cheeses, pastries, candies and other scrumptious gift food items for over 80 yeas. The family owned company is based in Texas. All items are shipped and delivered fresh with a money-back guarantee for deliveries that do not meet up to company standards. Shipping food items can be a very quick and relatively inexpensive way to knock out your holiday gifting for distant and extended family and business relationships in one fell swoop.

Fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit, Orange, Pear and Apple Gifts


Baukjen is the sister brand to Isabella Oliver. Because it is by the same designer, you can expect to find similar clean simple styling and lines. Quality constructed soft, stretchable and breathable all natural materials.


B2C Jewels

In the market for an anniversary or renewal band? Want to get a pair of diamond studs to add to your classic collection of jewelry. You can get top quality jewelry and diamonds at a reasonable price compared to going to a jewelry store by shopping B2C Jewels.

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Cyber Monday Sale! Get an EXTRA $15 Off on your booking + Save up to 60% Off on all Flights. Promo Code: CMONDAY. Book Now!

Janie and Jack

This is the slightly more upscale sister brand to Gymboree. The clothing looks for posh to me. The price point is higher.

Crazy 8

And Crazy 8 is the less upscale sister brand to Gymboree. Clothing is still top quality but you can get insane deals starting at $4 for tops. They have a large variety of options and are great for stacking on on play clothes.

Crazy 8 Sale On Now!

Le Tote

Le Tote is the best subscription box for preginistas who are new moms-to-be and don’t have time any longer to figure out their clothes. Members get sjo[[ed unlimited number of apparel and accessories each month. It just recently entered the maternity wear business and it just recently started offering maternity wear. We love it so much, we’ve partnered with Le Tote as affiliates. It is having a Cyber Week Sale! Take 85% off First Month of Le Tote Rental! Ends 12/1

Wild Dill

I love Wild Dill because it combines commerce with conscious shopping. They source their goods direct from the creators in Africa, South America, Israel and all over the world and sell them online for a fair share of the profit which is different from what a lot of companies do: they steal the concept, create duplicates in China made of sub par material and market them as authentic.

Nested Bean

The latest on our radar is a swaddle blanket that takes the guess work out of swaddling a new born and adds technology of “touch” so baby can feel even more secure when sleep. It’s called The Zen Swaddle and it was created by a desperate mom who came up with an ingenious solution for some long sleepless nights.

Urth Box

Urthbox specializes in sending healthy, delicious and tasty new snacks from local stores and vendors.  Delivered each month, the curated collection is designed to serve as an alternative to unhealthy snacking in the face of stress, busy schedules, and other life struggles and to complement a healthy, fit lifestyle.

Creation Crate

STEM (Science, Techonology, Engineering and Math) is a big deal these days and getting kids interested in this discipline of topics can be tough. With a subscription box from Creation Crate, your kid gets a project to make each time. It’s more than software though, the projects include a building component to it.

Creation Crate

25 Ways To Show Mom Gratitude For Helping Raise Her Grandchildren

With news outlets reporting that Kris Jenner has been instrumental in helping her daughter Khloe Kardashian adjust to motherhood and with Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s a good day time to think about ways to thank moms for being great grandmamas!

If you’re fortunate enough to live close to your mother, there’s a good chance that she’s looked after your own children a time or two. Watching your children for an extended period, like over the cry of “Thanks!” as you pack everyone into the car.

Here are 25 unexpected ways you can thank your mom for looking after your children after the years she spent raising you.

  1. Surprise House Cleaning – Your mom not only watches your kids, but also spent a significant chunk of her life cleaning up after you. Say thank you by springing a surprise house-cleaning on her sometime!
  2. Flowers – Whether you buy a bouquet of her favorite blooms or present a hand-picked bunch, there’s something about a gift of flowers that shows gratitude and appreciation beautifully.
  3. Homemade Cards – Get the kids together and create a handmade card to present to Grandma as a token of your collective appreciation. It’s sure to end up proudly displayed on the refrigerator.
  4. Store-Bought Greeting Cards – Sometimes a spontaneous gift is best. Snagging a “Thinking of You” card that’s not occasion-specific while you’re at the market and inscribing a message that expresses your thanks lets your mom know that you’re thinking of her and that you’re appreciative of the things she does to help you.
  5. A Special Meal – Who knows your mom’s favorite meal better than you do? Preparing her favorite dish is a great way to say thank you, especially if you modify it to meet dietary needs that are changing with age.
  6. Offer a “Free Favor” – Present your mom with a card promising one free favor, to be called in at any time in exchange for watching the kids. When you hand it over, explain that it’s a show of gratitude, and that her help makes a difference in your life.
  7. Pick Up the Tab – Your mom has been buying you dinner for decades. If you want to thank her for all the time she spends watching your children, consider taking her out to a nice place and picking up the tab.
  8. Give Her the Title of “World’s Best Grandma” – It may be a cheesy coffee mug or a hokey baseball cap, but a bit of merchandise emblazoned with your mom’s title of “World’s Best Grandma” lets everyone know just where she stands.
  9. A Meaningful Gift – There are always things that people want, but can’t justify purchasing for themselves. Listen to your mom when she talks and glean bits of information from what she says to find the perfect thank-you gift.
  10. Handle an Unpleasant Task – Whether it’s clearing a stubborn clog or cleaning the toilet, there’s always some distasteful task that needs to be completed around the house. Taking care of one such task for your mom is a practical and considerate way of thanking her for the things she does.
  11. Give Her the Gift of Quality Time – The frenetic pace of today’s world can leave you spending no more time with your mom than it takes to drop off and pick up the kids. Even if it’s just a cup of coffee before work, carve out some quality time to spend with your mom to thank her.
  12. Baked Goods – Cupcakes, cookies and other baked goods are always a welcome gift, and a great way to show your appreciation for someone you love.
  13. Video Thank You Notes – Get the family together and create a video thank you note for Grandma. Encourage little ones to sing a song or do a dance, and address the things she does that you appreciate directly.
  14. A Scrapbook – There’s nothing quite as powerful as a scrapbook filled with precious mementos and photographs. It may be a time-consuming task, but compiling a scrapbook full of memories for your mom is a great way to show that you care.
  15. Arts and Crafts Projects – Handmade gifts can be more personal and heartfelt than the store-bought variety, so consider making a few things to give to your mother in appreciation.
  16. A Handwritten Letter – Today’s high-tech world relies on emails and text messages to communicate, and the art of the handwritten letter seems to be dying. Put pen to paper and share your appreciation in a way your mom can save for posterity.
  17. Sweet Surprises – Show up to collect your kids with your mother’s favorite candy or other sweet treat. Even though it’s a simple gift, it shows your appreciation.
  18. Gift Cards – Picking up a gift card to your mother’s favorite store or restaurant is a great way to show your thanks, especially if you tuck it inside a card or letter.
  19. Poetry – If you have a flair for words, why not pen a quick poem? Whether it’s sentimental enough to be a greeting card verse or a few silly rhymes designed to bring a smile to mom’s face, the effort will certainly be appreciated.
  20. Inscribed Plants – Moms with green thumbs will be thrilled with an inscribed plant, like Magic Bean in a Can. When the plant grows, a message of your thanks is actually inscribed upon the leaves. It doesn’t get much cooler than that!
  21. Banners and Signs – Surprise your mom with a large banner or sign expressing your thanks. For particularly special occasions, you may even want to integrate party whistles and hats.
  22. Subscription to a Favorite Magazine – Print magazines haven’t quite gone the way of the dinosaur, especially for the older set. Gifting your mom with a subscription to her favorite periodical as a token of your appreciation really is the gift that keeps on giving!
  23. Public Recognition – Few things show just how proud you are of your mother and how much you appreciate the time she spends with your kids like a public recognition of her efforts. Whether it’s a speech at a party or a post on her Facebook wall, let the world know you’re grateful to your mom!
  24. A Phone Call – If the hustle and bustle of each day’s demands leaves you only enough time to call your mother for drop-off and pick-up coordination, set aside a block of time to really talk. She knows just how busy you are, and it will mean the world.
  25. Group Hugs! – An enthusiastic group hug with choruses of thank yous is an exciting and affectionate way to show your gratitude to your mom for looking after your brood.

Here are Some Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mom

It’s time to start thinking of what to get for your mom or another new mom, grandmother or maternal figure in your life for Mother’s Day next month. We’re putting together some recommendations and are curating a list of fun, useful and great gifts for mom.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some creative or unique ideas for different types of moms, the cat lover, the mom who loves the color black, the mom who loves to travel etc, feel free to click through past guides below!

Good luck!

How Celebrity Moms Spent Their Mother’s Day 2017 (PHOTOS)


This Mother’s Day as with all, a lot of the celebrity moms that we’ve featured on the blog in the past shared photos of their moms and themselves with their kids. We loved our partners at PopSugar‘s roundup and plucked our fave moms from their slideshow of celebrity Mother’s Day photos.

I’ll add some more including some of the sisters we’ve showcased in the past.

Photos: Instagram

Check them out.


Sarah Michelle Gellar as a child with her mom

Mothers Day!!! ???#proud mama #grateful Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mamas!!

A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on


Michelle Obama with Sasha and Malia at the Great Wall.


Carrie Underwood as a child with her mom.


Snooki and her two kids.


Heidi Klum sleeping peacefully with her brood.


Kris Jenner saluted her kids who are moms and her own relationship as a mom to her famous kids.

Proud. Me and my mom. On Mother’s Day!

A post shared by Drew Barrymore (@drewbarrymore) on


Chrissy Teigen shared this regal photo of her self with daughter, Luna.

my greatest mother’s day gift of all ?? #axljack

A post shared by Fergie (@fergie) on

Happy Mother’s Day!

A post shared by Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff) on

My mama. Simply the BEST. ❤

A post shared by Eva Mendes (@evamendes) on

Happy Mother’s Day. Today and everyday, I honor all mothers for their strength, patience, and grace.

A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on

Happy Mother’s Day! May u spend yours in your jammies like My mom and my little girl. ❤️❤️

A post shared by Hoda Kotb (@hodakotb) on

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!! #blessed ????? @georginachapmanmarchesa

A post shared by Katie Holmes (@katieholmes212) on

#happymothersday ??????

A post shared by Katie Holmes (@katieholmes212) on

Happy Mother’s Day to Luna’s awesome grandmothers too!!

A post shared by John Legend (@johnlegend) on

Live Laugh Love This Mother’s Day with These 19 Fun Mom Memes

mom's day
Happy Mother’s Day to all of our friends and family in the Blogosphere in the United States who are celebrating moms, moms-to-be, grandmothers, adoptive moms, and all those aunts, Godparents, cousins, friends and others who step up to make sure a child is raised with love and care.
We’re hoping your Mother’s Day is going smoothly so here are some funny comic, images, memes and other humorous mom-related finds to smile today.




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Forget Candy and Flowers, Get Mom a Memorable Gift That Would Last



With Mother’s Day around the corner, I just remembered a very unique idea for a grandmom, new mom, mom-to-be or any other maternal figure in your life who loves sentimental items.

Instead of flowers which will wilt, chocolates or dinner which will get consumed or a spa gift certificate for one day of pampering, consider getting something that will stand the test of time and will last?

Also, personalized items, emblazoned with the recipient’s  name or initials are also long-lasting gifts that will be cherished for years to come. Another idea is to upload a collage of your favorite photos of mom or the family and have them printed out on one of the removable personalized wall papers that the folks at WeMontage sell.



Their collages are lifesize and printed on removable wallpaper that you can then frame or put up as is anywhere: the sewing room, an office, a baby’s nursery, a den or living room. It provides a wonderful opportunity to relish in past sacred moments memorialized in photos.


That’s essential because these days, people don’t really print out photos much. Pics just live for years inside people’s smartphones or in albums of their favorite social media site.


WeMontage also sells products like canvas wraps, iPhone cases, pillows and more. And even though it’s mad late to get one in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday, you can always show mom the collage and present her with a representation of what’s to come.


Their products would also make great Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day gifts. And for the new graduate, a collage from kindergarten to graduation would be a very memorable way to celebrate commencement. Boy will your graduate be surprised and excited to see this if you could pull it off!

Let the good folks at WeMontage do the leg work for you and you get all the glory and praise of presenting such an awesome gift! Start making yours here!


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