Brandy Norwood tells Queen Latifah she will freeze her eggs soon

Tuesday, during The Queen Latifah Show, singer and star of BET‘s The Game Brandy Norwood told Latifah that she plans to freeze some of her eggs at her next doctor’s appointment. 
The mom to 11-year old daughter Sy’rai, said she was “hopeful but realistic” when it comes to having additional children.
“Chances are looking a little slim for the future kids. I’m 35,” Norwood told Latifah. “I feel like my next doctor’s appointment, I’ma have to freeze my eggs. I’m not sure if I’m going to have more kids; I’m hopeful. I have faith.”‘
She also said she avoids exposing her daughter to the limelight so she could grow up as normal as possible. 
“I like that our life is simple,” she added. “I like keeping the sense of normality to our life” 
In 2002, Brandy became the very first celebrity to showcase a pregnancy, labor and birth on reality TV when she starred in an MTV Diary special about it, MTV special Diary Presents: Diary – Special Delivery”. 
And true to Reality TV poor record with couples featured on it, Norwood has long since split with Sy’rai’s dad producer Robert “Big Bert” Smith.
Photo: The Brandy Blog

watch a segment from the appearance here:

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