Get out of my Uterus: More offensive things people say to pregnant women

Most people are well-intentioned when they make rude and off-putting remarks to pregnant women. Sometimes, it simply takes enough regular people  to read the “foot-in-mouth” comments others have made and included as a subject to a blog post for word to eventually spread to the world.
Some commentary is just unnecessary and/or should be kept inside your head.
In a recent blog entry at MyBrownBaby, writer Tai Gooden shares some of the super rude things people told her when they learned she and her husband would be welcoming their second child, another girl.

Here is an excerpt of a couple such comments and Gooden’s humorous rhetorical reply:

“Oh man, you are having another girl? You can always try again.”
Oh man, you have no idea how disappointed we are to have a completely healthy baby girl. Girls are so useless. But it’s okay because you helped me realize that I can try again! Obviously, I had no idea that I am allowed to have another baby with my husband. Also, since I am the second girl in my family, I am not offended at ALL. Next time, we will “tweak our technique and get it right” because our life mission is to pop out a little boy. 
“You need to give your husband a boy. Every man needs a boy.”
What happens if I never have a boy? I guess I’ll be stoned to death if I don’t birth the necessary male heir to the Gooden throne. Every time someone says this to me, I wait for the TV cameras to come out. I truly believe MTV brought Boiling Points back and I have been on the show for an entire season. 

I also wonder what it means to “give” my husband a boy. I did not go through nine months of a hellacious pregnancy (twice) and push out something the size of a giant pumpkin from my vagina with no epidural (twice) to say “Here, my husband, I give you this small human. Thank you for allowing me to birth your offspring.” They are my kids too and they are not holiday presents.

Read the rest at MyBrownBaby.com

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