The Working Mom’s Coffee Break: How I Transitioned from Motherhood Back to the Workplace

Some moms can’t take it to leave the baby behind at

home so they stay as active and full-time nursing mothers. On the opposite end,

other moms desire to enter back into the workplace to have a sense of

fulfillment in advancing their career. If you’re the second type, let this

article guide you on how to transition from motherhood to a career woman.
1. Find a

Lactating Room
Moms who have just given birth would have to

breastfeed the newborns. Breastfeeding milk should be pumped out and the milk

should be stored in a refrigerator to keep it fresh for the baby. In the case

of a working place, you should be able to ask workmates if there is a lactating

room where you would not be put in a vulnerable position. Feel comfortable in

pumping without being bothered by others in the office. If the workplace does

not have one available, the only option is to breastfeed the baby at night or

during weekends.
2. Keep

Now that you’re not pregnant, expect that your

appetite will change. It’s still best to have high-protein snacks and drink

water regularly. Being hydrated will make you stay healthy for your baby. Also,

eating enough will keep your blood sugar normal and in check. Being an

unhealthy mom will produce negative effects on the breastfeeding milk. Hence, make

sure that you acquire the right nutrition you and your baby need.
3. Get

Employed with a Family-friendly Company
Consider that not all companies and not all

positions are family-friendly. A family-friendly company is one that will allow

you to have rest time for yourself, work at home as necessary and accrue

credits for leaves as you might have to go to the hospital and see your baby’s

doctor for vaccinations and checkups. Look for a company that allows

flexibility and encourages work and life balance. You may ask the employees you

know to get a glimpse of the company culture so you would not be shocked about

the company philosophy once you become an official worker. Also, it will be

helpful to learn about the benefits given by the company to working mothers.
4. Practice

Time Management
There is no doubt that half or more of your time in

one day will be devoted to your job in the office. With proper time management,

you can still accomplish chores at home and take care of your baby. Lay out

every task that you need to achieve the day or the week before so you would be

able to plan ahead which ones should be prioritized. A

mom is not superhuman after all.
5. Think

About Yourself

especially think more about their babies than

themselves. It is important to see that the baby is doing well, but it is also

critical to think and care about your own well-being. If you feel much stressed

at work and at home, take the time out and relax in spa centers or in any

sanctuary. Have a warm bath before going to bed at night and exercise regularly.

The last thing you want to happen is to lie down on a hospital

after passing out because of stress.
Mothers do not necessarily have to be perfect all

the time. It is enough to be sufficient as a concerned mother for the baby at

home and an efficient employee in the workplace. If you feel that the company

is putting much pressure on you, it is time to leave and look for another one

which can suit your needs.
Author Bio:

Ianna Reign Stevenson is a professional writer

based in Brisbane, Australia. She is a wedding planner, event coordinator and a

mother of a 3 year old toddler. Connect with her on Twitter.

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