REVIEW: Get Dreft’s new stain remover for hard-to-remove food & poopy diaper stains


Since the launch of this blog, I’ve always advocated that one of the first things first time moms-to-be do after having their baby shower and being gifted loads of infant clothes is to sterilize the clothes by washing them in detergent like Dreft.
The gentle cleanser has been around for ages even before newer brands entered the market, of late. It is void of all the harsh chemicals that can cause irritations on a a newborn’s skin.
That being said, I was thus elated to learn that Dreft has come out with a few new products that make it easy for new parents to clean hard-to-get out stains from baby’s clothes.  We tested out a review sample (valued about $25).
Its new Dreft Laundry Stain Remover detergent works well as a soak for those times when baby’s bottom explodes from trying out carrots for the first time or has a bad reaction to a new formula. You just need a small cap-ful of it to do the job. When washed, the yellow stained onesie we soaked for about an hour before washing came out quite free of any semblance of a stain.
For other stain lifting job, we tested the Dreft Laundry Stain spray travel sized sample and just spritzed on a few splashes on a red dress with some peas stains on it. This option is better because soaking a red shirt for too long could dull the color of the top. After a couple of rigorous rubs before tossing the entire dress in the wash worked to eliminate the baby food stain. The sample size of the spray is also portable and could be whipped out to pre-treat leaky poopy diaper stains without having to soil your hands with the excrement while out and about.
Finally, for treating stains on the go or while visiting grandma or relatives away from the home, the convenient pen is the best. During a shopping mall outing when our 6 month old baby tester threw up a little after a bottle feeding, leaving a yellowish stain on his bib.
To clean it, we immediately wiped the milk with a washcloth then used the Dreft Portable Pretreater Pen pen to rub across it for a few strokes and schucked in in the diaper bag.
About a few hours later, after we got home from holiday shopping, we hand washed the bib and could see the stain was gone for the most part.
Good job!
What a God send I wish I had when my little ones were that age. Think about picking it up for your baby’s hard to remove stains!

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