REVIEW: Get thru holidays with Dr. Ross’ Defy Vitamins

Women often lose themselves caring for their family and others that they often forget to nurture & care for themselves.

This cold and flu season, women, including pregnant, nursing and new mothers, need to make sure they stay healthy all around.
One way to do that is to take a daily multi-vitamin & if possible essential oils and oral supplements.I tried out Dr Ross‘s new DEFy multivitamin complex tablets and the Omega 3 Fish oil ($58 bottle) for a few weeks and could immediately notice the difference in my energy level.
Amazing to rediscover the importance of a daily multivitamins because, again, I make my kids’ take their daily chewable, yet I don’t normally take one myself.
Now I do.
The 30-day supply package comes with a chewable tablet & oil soft gel pill. The chewable is a bit chalky & I take it with water to erase the taste which is otherwise still decent.

I love that they come in convenient pre-packaging so you can just chuck it in your bag or pocket before you head out.

The supplement is suitable for pregnant and Breastfeeding moms and with each purchase of a bottle, Defy, sends one to a bottle to a woman in need
Very nice! Social Good is Good.
Defy Vitamins  rocks! Get it at the company’s website or from our Amazon affiliate HERE!

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