Do this MLK Day craft activity with your child

This month, we celebrate and honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr holiday in the United States, a day set aside to commemorate the birthday of civil rights activist and cultural icon. For many children, it’s just another day off from school.

However, given all of the contentious race-related debates around us in our daily lives, much of which our children consume, it may be a good idea to use the holiday this coming Monday to educate, edify and inspire your children to do servers. Here are some few tips from KidsActivities:  


Talk to children about Martin Luther King’s dream and the fact that one man managed to help change a whole country. Ask children what they think is unfair, and what they think they can do to change it. If they could change big things in the world, what would they be?
Have children trace the outline of their hands on a variety of construction paper in different rainbow colors. Have them cut out each hand shape and then glue them onto the poster board. 

Now brainstorm things that the children believe need change in the world–and ways that they and your program can help. Few individuals will get the chance to speak before thousands of people at the Lincoln Memorial like Martin Luther King, Jr., but there are things your program can do to make a difference! 

Perhaps it’s collecting cans for a local food bank to help the hungry, or running a car wash to raise money for the homeless.  Maybe it’s bringing entertainment to cancer patients at a local hospital or sending care packages to soldiers abroad.

On each hand, write one thing that each child dreams of changing, such as Hunger or Homelessnes; next write a few sentences about what they can do to help.

Good luck parents and hopefully one of these exercises will support your efforts to raise conscientious, smart, balanced and empathetic children. 
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