Second Pregnancy Fizzle: Designers are ‘over’ Kate Middleton’s Maternity style

Like a second child, a second pregnancy also gets less attention and fan fare. This is even true in the case of celebrity pregnancies. Take Kate Middleton, for example.  Shortly, after Buckingham Palace announced her second pregnancy last September, a survey said fans and followers were “over” her and all the hype that surrounded the Duchess especially during her first pregnancy. She had dropped in favorability ranking.
When she was expecting Prince George, now 1-year old, there were endless articles, blog posts and even a war of fans between hers and Kim Kardashian’s. The two women were expecting around the same time in 2013.
We too realized eventually that we weren’t going to see Middleton get too bold and daring with the fashion given the restrictions of being a royal. It’s a pretty conservative gig being a Duchess.
We’re not the only one either who noticed it. English fashion designer Zandra Rhodes reportedly said he hasn’t been following Catherine Duchess of Cambridge’s maternity style on account of being too busy.  *Gasp*
Duchess Cate’s due date is coming up soon and it’s certainly been less attention paid to the entire pregnancy compared to the past. We have seen her switch it up a bit and give her props for playing with more color, pastels, patterns and repeating outfits and setting a good eco-example! 

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