Happy Father’s Day: 6 Songs/Videos for Dads

Happy Fathers Day 2015
Happy Father’s Day!
Here are 6 songs to consider dedicating to your dad, depending on the situation: Dad who has passed, New Dad, Dad to a daughter,deadbeat dad etc…

First up, the late Luther Vandross‘ “Dance With my Father” for those who have lost a dad or whose dad is resting in peace or in heaven:

Another Fave is Creed‘s “Arm’s Wide Open” to dedicate to a brand new dad who is celebrating his first Father’s Day


Next, a favorite of mine, John Mayer‘s “Daughters” for dads to little girls

Next, a song for the dad who abandoned his kid from his kid: Everclear‘s “Father of Mine

For Dads to sons, a tender song by Elton JohnBetween a Father and Son

Another brilliant father to son song from Phil Collins, titled “Father to son“. How appropriate!

BONUS:  An all-time favorite Stevie Wonder‘s “Isn’t she Lovely”  which he wrote when his daughter Aisha was born. It’s another good one for a dad to a new born daughter.

Roughstock has an excellent list of country songs for Father’s Day as well. Check it out HERE!

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