How to Use Aromatherapy to Fight Morning Sickness


aromatheraphy morning sickness

Aromatherapy has therapeutic impact for fighting morning sickness. It is said that wearing certain scents on the wrist or other pressure points can help satiate the feeling of queasiness, light headedness, dizzying and nausea.

Personally, essential oils like lavender, chamomile and jasmine were my go to scents to wear on my wrists when I was expecting. Whenever, I would feel squeezy, I’d put my wrist to my nose and inhale deeply.  That was great at work during the early months when I still was concealing my pregnancy. It saved me loads of trips to the restroom or giving myself away because I would be so green.

The makers of Vera Essence sent me a vial of its 100% Pure Perfume to check out and I must say it did remind me of a combination of the oils I used to use and rely on to stay on balance during my first trimester of pregnancy.

The sample I received came in a tube with a roll on ball which made it easy to apply to the wrist and was small enough to fit in my purse or carry in a pocket. The oil is chemical-, toxin-, gluten-, alcohol- and animal cruelty-free and is handcrafted by Zorica in Malibu, California.

Vera Essence features essential oils that together produce a nearly addicting elixir that invigorates your senses like roses sources from Bulgaria, lavender sourced from France, and rose geranium sourced from Egypt. Rose sourced from Bulgaria is the highest-quality rose essential oil available in the world today. 65,000 petals are used to produce one single drop of this luxurious oil A simple whiff is enough to discern the authenticity of Vera Essence‘s unprecedented purity.

The fragrance blend invigorates the senses but in a good way because they are so overpowering that they mask any food being cooked in the office microwave or waffling down to your office from a co-worker’s afternoon snack that could send you off to visit the porcelain Gods!

If you’re experiencing extreme morning sickness, whether in your first trimester or later months, consider giving Vera Essence or some other sort of essential oil or blend a try.

Let us know if it works for you too!

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