Sarah Palin: Surprised by Bristol’s 2nd Unwed Pregnancy, But Happily Awaiting First Granddaughter

sarah palin bristol

Second-time grandmom-to-be Sarah Palin finally publicly addressed her daughter Bristol Palin‘s second unplanned unwed pregnancy this weekend during an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning .

Correspondent  Tracy Smith asked the politician-turned-reality TV star if she ever imagined Bristol would be in that same situation she was in about 4 years ago when she was expecting as a teen for then boyfriend Levi Johnston.

Heck, no,” the former Governor of Alaska replied, adding, “because being a single mom is, oh my goodness, my heart goes out to the single parents. But my enormous admiration for what it is that they’re able to accomplish doing double-duty. And I watch Bristol do double-duty all the time, you know, with her little boy, Tripp.”

Bristol and Marine Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer were scheduled to marry but the couple called off  their nuptials less than a week before walking down the aisle, then Bristol announced the pregnancy shortly thereafter.

The former FOX News correspondent addressed her critics.

“Of course, there are those who say, ‘Come on, this goes against everything you stand for,’ In response to Smith pointing out the inconsistency of her position from her familial situation, Sarah Palin added, “Well, the cool thing about puttin’ your faith in God is, He certainly is a God of second chances – and third, and fourth and fifth chances…I screw up all the time.”

But now, the former Republican Vice Presidential Candidate is embracing the expectant arrival and actually counting down.

“I can’t wait for about 45 more days, and I’m gonna have a little baby granddaughter – and I’m happy about it,” the former vice presidential candidate said Monday, adding that she “absolutely” considers the new addition a blessing.





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