With Dad-to-Be Stuck on Plane, ‘The Leftovers’ Liv Tyler’s dad Steven Tyler cut her Son’s Umbilical Cord

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Tonight is the season finale of one of my favorite shows, The Leftovers. In it, our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum Liv Tyler is somewhat of a villain and I’m loving her performance on this dark and mysterious HBO drama.

(She’s on it with another fave of mine Regina King who I recently had a fan girl boast about on my hair blog.)

This Thursday, Tyler told Jimmy Kimmel ,while appearing on the show promoting her show, that her dad, rock legend, Steve Tyler of Aerosmith, cut the umbilical cord of last child , Sailor Gene Gardner, now 9-months old.

Sailor came 6-weeks early and Liv’s partner David Gardner couldn’t get to the birth in time because he was stuck on the plane so her pops stepped in! Nice! Though, I can see how some people could also find it a little icky. You know your dad there seeing his adult child push out a child. um…yeah.

Her half- sister Mia was there too.


The clip from Kimmel:


I used to have a 3 decades-long crush on Steven Tyler. It ended when he was serving as one of the celebrity judges on American Idol and I saw him oogling some 17-year old contestant who looked hawt. Ugh! Total turnoff. Well, it’s not like I don’t have a husband who is weirded out that the front man was one of my celeb crushes. ha!

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Watch the Finale of The Leftovers tonight! I think you can catch back episodes on the website, on Hulu or HBO on Demand or HBO’s stand alone service.

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