SPOOKY! 7 Faces, Objects and Things Other than Their Baby People Have Seen in their Ultrasounds

PAY-Little-King-Arthur (1)

Only you think your baby’s ultrasound is cute but you show them to people anyway who pretend to see what you see and to care about your grainy black and white blob on a flimsy piece of paper. But once in a while you see something spooky or spectacular! 

Recently, a couple in the UK decided to name the baby they were expecting King Arthur because they were sure it was a boy. The joke was on Laura Newman and her partner Dan when the ultrasound tech handed them a printout of their ultrasound and spotted an image of King Author!!

Eeeek!!! Spooky

…and now a close up look:


And they weren’t the only ones, here are a few interesting images people have seen in their baby’s ultrasound that made the news like…this cherubic angel watching over baby…

And on the flip, how about this super scary figure that looks like a Demon!? Though, the mom thought it looked like a Mermaid or Merman…okay, nice spin, mom!


This ultrasound had a figure that looked like the mom’s late father kissing his grandchild he will never meet live in person. So sweet.

face who

And but….who is this guy and what is he doing in my uterus?! 


This mom swore that was Jesus in there.


Finally, is this a prehistoric dinosaur’s attempt to join this century?! ha!

Get the background scoop of these photos here!

h/t Mirror UK 

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