Stock Up On Your Kids’ Summer Stuff Now w/ Crazy 8’s SALE: $1.99 and Up!

Crazy 8 sale

If you are like my mom was when I was a kid, you stock up on next winter’s stuff at the end of the season when retailers marked down clothing tremendously. The same for the Summer. It’s the best way for well-organized families on a budget to get the best deals on children’s clothing.

In the digital world of E-commerce where there are tons of discount stores selling top quality merchandise for steep discounted prices, modern and millennial moms have way more options. We are no longer limited by seasonal discounts. They are everywhere all year round.

Like we just got word that our affiliates Crazy 8, a sister brand to Gymboree, is having a 70% off its entire site sale!

The prices start at $1.99. We combed through the website this afternoon and picked out some super cute, trendy and conversation pieces for infant to toddler to school age all for $3.99 or less.


The most expensive thing on sale is a warm quilted hooded jacket for $28.99 which itself is a steal.

And once you purchase $50.00 worth of stuff, your shipping is FREE! So you’re looking at scoring 6 outfits (a top and bottom) for $50.00. Your kid will be set for the season!

I love Crazy 8 clothing because they are of top quality but at a very reasonable price point for big families.

Check out the big sale and do share your haul with us in a pic or Video and tag us in it!

Happy Shopping, Thrifty moms!

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