Trend: Expecting Parents are Getting 3D Printouts of Their Fetuses before They’re Born

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When I was last preggers, 3D ultrasounds were becoming the thing, and now 4D ultrasounds are the rage, but what about a 3D printout of your fetus?

It’s apparently a trend. A Japanese company first introduced 3D print out of fetuses a few years back to help doctors pinpoint abnormalities in developing babies inside their mother’s womb. Since as far back as 2012, companies like Fasotec of Japan offered 3D fetus print outs to parents though as a non-medical related retail option.

However, since then, an entire industry has sprouted up for parents who simply want a bust of their baby’s fetus to have for memory and prosperity.

It’s supposed to be the hottest trend in 2006 and several companies print out busts that cost from $240 to $550 and more for a full body print, with the skin to match, IamNotTheBabysitter reports.

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A few years ago, the blind community latched on to the 3D printouts because, as one grandmother expressed, it allowed her to finally experience the joy of seeing an ultrasound the way other seeing grandmoms could.

“Fifteen months ago, my first grandchild was born and they had numerous sonograms and I missed out on all of that,” said officially blind grandmom Neva Fairchild who is with the American Foundation for the Blind.

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