Police Officer Breastfed a Baby Starving Found Abandoned in the Woods While Awaiting Paramedics

police colombia

A police officer in Colombia responded to the call of a baby abandoned in a remote forest village with its umbilical cord attached. After realizing the newborn was on the verge of hypothermia, Officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea breastfed the baby until paramedics could arrive.

The baby was discovered by a local woman who thought she heard a crying cat only to discover it was an infant. Urrea is a new mom herself and realized the baby was starving so she swaddled the child and immediately started nursing her.

She was called a hero by local media. But Officer Urrea said she knew it had to be done and any other mother in a similar situation would do the same.

The baby was placed in foster care and will likely be placed in a loving home. Police are still looking for the mom who they plan to charge with attempted mother. Here is a little clip of Officer Urrea in heroic action.

h/t Aplus.com

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