Forget Everything! These are the only Two Things You Need in your Postpartum Wardrobe

juicy couture sweats

Right after you have a baby, you may be anxious about getting back to the gym and working on getting rid of the pregnancy weight gain. I know I couldn’t wait until after my six week postpartum visit to hit the gym. When you are breastfeeding, you can’t pop diet pills or take any diet aid supplements to help your weight loss effort. There is a risk they may negatively impact your baby’s development and nourishment as well.

The only way to do it is slow and steadily, monitor your eating, exercise sensibly and stay active. Breastfeeding is said to help you burn 500 calories a day from the act itself so there is an added benefit to nursing.

But in the meantime, if you are a fashionista (or even if you’re not but still want to look a bit put together), there are just two things you have to have in your casual wardrobe to get you through.  You can be stylish and comfortable.

My advice is:

  1. Get yourself some uber cute sweats in figure forgiving styles and  yummy colors and Juicy Couture makes the cutest and most comfortable sweats still. They are great for running errands and receiving visitors in and you can hide your still large tummy in them pretty well too.

2. Carry around a fly chic fashionable tote as your babybag! That’s it.

You can pair your fab bag and sweats with some cool shades for balance but that’s all you need for an effortless chic look. So long as your hair is brushed and you have on  light blush and a dust of face powder, you’ll look great!


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