Don’t Hate Model Bar ReFaeli for Having a Bump that looks Like Yours After a Good Meal

bar rafaeli 5 months pregnant

Houston, we have another model with a teenie tiny bump. Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli showed off her 5-months preggers bump on her Instagram this week.

And…um…let’s just say my belly looks like that after a good meal on a good day and I’m not preggers.


Refaeli, who announced her first pregnancy with her photographer husband Adi Ezra in January, is among the percentage of women who are either super tiny and/or have strong abdominal muscles and/or were so fit before getting pregnant that they hardly show. Besides, the size of the fetus is still pretty small at 25 weeks so it really isn’t any biggie.

I remember people gave Coco Austin a hard time for having a small bump, and that lingerie model too, who had a very small bump at 8 months pregnant.

These women also have to deal with people assuming they are starving their baby. Although, pregorexia is a real thing. Nevertheless, the fact remains every woman carries her pregnancy different and there have been tons of women who were that small at 5-months pregnant.

Nothing to see here. Keep it moving

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