Hey, I just started a Blogging Academy, First Courses are FREE! Check it out!

digital publishing academy

Hey guys. So, it’s not like I don’t already have a million things to do running 4 active blogs, managing my household while trying to stay sane but…I have launched a digital publishing academy dedicated to training future, new and current active bloggers.

It is a labor of love but I love sharing the wisdom I’ve gained in over 10 years of blogging and over 20 years in the digital online content creation and curation space. Plus, I enjoy this stuff tremendously and am geeked about creating a platform for passing on some of my passion of blogging!

If you’d like to take a look at check out the Digital Publishing Academy HERE!

I am starting the academy with a suite of 4 FREE lunchtime courses that will begin this Friday! And even if you cannot make it, simply registering will give you access to a replay for a week! Sweet, eh?

And if blogging, website management and the like is not your thing, tell a friend, would ya? Thanks! I’d be forever indebted in gratitude!! <3




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