It Was A Dream Maternity Photoshoot For This special Mom-to-be

Brazilian mom Lilica got a chance to have a tasteful maternity shoot right before giving birth to her quints: four boys and one little girl. 

Does it matter that Lilica is a 4-year old Doberman Pinscher mix?

Her owners’ neighbor is photographer Ana Paula Grillo who got the idea to give Lilica her own shoot after seeing an expectant human couple’s shoot. 

“It was amazing,” Grillo said. “It felt like she understood everything, and made sensational poses. It was like she was smiling.”

The only editing Grillo used was color correction? Mashable reports. Everything else came from Lilica, the ideal model.

The day after the shoot, Lilica welcomed her pups who were all adopted by family members and friends of her owners.


h/t Mashable

Photos courtesy: Ana Paula Grillo

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