You Need Spring Break Activities; Here are 48 Online Kids Coding & Tech Programs


kids code

Spring break is coming up and parents all over the world may be looking for places to go, activities to do and things to keep their young children busy and occupied.

If you can squeeze it in, why not dedicate some time during the day or week for your kid to learn to code? There are tons of free or low cost programs online for babies through high schoolers.

Getting kids and young adults to code and get interested in tech is a big initiative these days.  Several dozen programs, clinics, camps, code academies and the like have opened up in real life and online recently with the goal of helping more young people get interested in coding and technology.

Here are 48 of such computer programming and hardware courses that are part of a wonderfully robust and full list of computer learning programs curated by Katie Williams.  These are available online.

Coding for Kids

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