New ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ PSA Presents An Alternative Positive Future for At Risk Young Boys

www.IamMBK.org   Proud To Present   60 Spot   YouTube

Here is something else I caught during this Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards: A new 60 second spot promoting an initiative started by the President of the United States called “I am My Brother’s Keeper“. It included  flashes of bright, optimistic and hopeful looking young boys to the audio in the background of positive, impressive introductions for accomplishments, and recipients for esteemed awards and recognition.

It was moving and presented an alternative to the cycle of poverty,  violence and death from inner city gang activity and other negative influences that are ever present for some children of color in many communities in the U.S.  You could easily understand how opportunities and  positive mentoring and influences could usher in a brighter, positive and different future for those same kids.

It’s the reason for the MBK initiative, first created in 2014 to bridge the opportunity gap for boys and young men of color, many whom are left behind and do not meet their full potential because of negative distractions in their communities.

www.IamMBK.org   Proud To Present   30 Spot   YouTube2

So far, the public-private partnership has led to over 200 Communities accepting the President’s My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge and plenty corporations and foundations to invest hundreds of millions of dollars toward independent projects and initiatives inspired by the goals of My Brother’s Keeper.  The NBA ( National Basketball Association) teamed up with MENTOR to create inventive  innovative new campaigns like their “Mentor In Real Life” initiative.

A task force created from the campaign has announced new policy initiatives, grant programs and federal guidance to clear pathways to success for children from cradle to college and career. Cool stuff.

Check out the spot here:

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