Tatyana Ali Talks Pregnancy and Engagement While Promoting Latest TV Project

Tatyana Ali Talks Engagement and Pregnancy   KTLA

Actress and first-time mom-to-be Tatyana Ali talked pregnancy and her wedding engagement while promoting her latest TV project during an appearance on Fox KTLA last week.

“I feel like it’s going so fast,” the Fresh Prince of Bel Air alum said about her pregnancy during the broadcast. “I have to take pictures of everything and record everything.”

When she announced the pregnancy, the singer also shared news that she is engaged to Dr. Vaughn Rasberry, a professor she met in an online dating site and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. The wedding is planned for this Summer and baby is due this Fall.

About planning the wedding in a short amount of time, she said, “It’s going along well…same chaos that everyone else experiences. I thought, ‘Oh we don’t need a year. It’ll be fine.’ There are so many things to do.”

You can catch Ali during the airing of TVOne movie Second Sight she a where she portrays an unknowing clairvoyant school teacher who gets haunting premonitions that one of her students will be abducted.

“She feels like she’s losing her mind. Everyone around her thinks she’s crazy,” Ali  said. “I love the story because it’s really about a woman learning to trust herself, and her instincts, and to fight for what she knows is really going on.”

Second Sight aired of TVOne yesterday Saturday night at 8ET/5PST but will repeat. Check your local listings for when it comes on again.

Listen to the end and you’ll hear one of the broadcasters refer to her as “Ashley Banks” , the character she is best known for portraying on that 90s show with Will Smith.

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