That Time Prince Guest Starred on ‘Muppets Tonight’ (VIDEO)

Among the many tributes to the late great Purple  One I’ve seen today  was this adorable appearance by Prince performing with muppets on the first episode of season two of Muppets Tonight on ABC in 1997.

The appearance was iconic and even included a cute music video.

It was a Variety type show, like with Saturday Night Live, the guest is featured on several skits.

The episode was called “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” and was during the time, he was in a spat with his label Warner Brothers  and he didn’t use his name. 

During hisappearance, he starred in a parody of Hee Haw called Hoo Haw that took place in a cornfield while wearing overalls and a straw hat.

It showed that his Highness didn’t take himself too seriously.

Check out the episode:

Love it!

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