How to Get Patriotic Hair Color like the Stars

red white and blue hair

Every year, we like to share photos of celebs in red white and blue hair or clothing in honor of Independence Day, Memorial Day or some other American patriotic holiday. We’ve never shared you how to get that look! Granted, you’d have to be either a rock star or in a career or field where you can get away with wild counterculture colored hair.

dye and wig

To get fire engine red or blue hair, Tish & Snooky’s Manic Panic NYC  hair dye is the best for getting that dramatic level of color.

Manic Panic Hair Dye costs under $15 for a jar and comes in Red or Blue (And other bold colors). For white or platinum blonde, go with Arctic Fox in Arctic Frost White. 

Unless you start out with blonde hair, you’d have to bleach your hair first in order for the colors to come out as bright as possible.

If you are like most people and wouldn’t want to commit that much to a drastic and dramatic hair color, a wig is your next best thing. You can head to your local beauty supply or Amazon.com online and pick up a  red wig by Emax designs to get a crimson red like Rihanna. A MapofBeauty wig in blue would create a Katy Perry blue bob. BToop sells a silver/white hot wig like Rita Ora’s.

If you are a mom to be or somebody’s mama, you’re gonna be a head turner for sure in red, white or blue hair! Good luck! And tag us in social media if you go Brave!

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