Is Chris Brown Right that this Photo of His 2-Yr Old Daughter is Inappropriate?


A few years ago, I did a blog post about children on Instagram being dressed like mini adults and the dangerous message it sends to children about valuing looks and the opinions of others over all other things.

It looks like Chris Brown, who is actively feuding with the mother of his daughter Royalty Brown, agrees. He skipped the option of picking up a phone and calling her to discuss his dismay over the outfit mom Nia Guzman chose to wear on their daughter for a ballet recital.

“It’s crazy to me that a parent would OK dressing our daughter like she 16. I ain’t cool wit that. SHE IS 2,” Chris commented under the picture.

Guzman, responded, “If anybody thinks something is wrong with a baby…mad at the world in dance class…in her TUTU…U need to go pray!”

On the one hand, I think it is the color of the tutu that makes it less innocent, than say a pink tutu, and the pose is a bit on the provocative side for a two year old. On the other hand, I believe that the public tends to sexualize things and people that aren’t being presented in a “sex”-related way. I think of breastfeeding as an example.

But still, the fact is there are a lot of pedophile and child pornography freaks out here in the online world and that outfit and pose is right up their alley. I mean, most of us wouldn’t want an innocent photo of our daughter we posted on social media to be circulated among disgusting sickos.


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