Just Had a Baby and Want to Start a Biz? Great Tips Ahead….

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Our Bellytich Bumpwatch alum Ivanka Trump is all about promoting female businesswomen and entrepreneurs, especially moms. She shared on her blog recent “7 great tips for Entrepreneurial New Moms.” Here is an excerpt:

Protect the time that’s important to you

In the startup world, every single call and every single meeting is extremely important. It’s all too easy to get into a pattern of working without any flexibility for yourself, but it’s important to live in a way that aligns with your values. Don’t sacrifice beautiful moments with your children and miss all the firsts, because that’s time you’ll never get back. Create rules for yourself to protect the time important to you, whether that’s time when you need to be 100% focused on your business or 100% focused on your family. For example, bedtime with my kids is sacred to me. I start my day earlier and go home earlier, so that I can always be there in the evening, and I never schedule anything during that time.

Maximize your hours

Traditionally, in the business world, hard work is measured by the hours you put in. When you’re a mother and entrepreneur, it’s never about the number of hours you work; it’s about maximizing what you do with the hours that you have. Every day, I determine the most important things we need to do for the business, as well as the most important things I need to do for my family. I prioritize those things and I don’t spend time on anything that’s not necessary. Be conscious of getting a return on the investment of each hour.

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