VIRAL: This Breastfeeding Pole Dancing Mom is a Zen Master

You thought you’d seen it all until you heard of a mom who breastfed her baby while pole dancing.

Ashley Wright posted a video to her Facebook page of herself pole dancing while babywearing and breastfeeding.

Wright told The Huffington Post that she’s been a pole dancer for eight years and started doing a few moves with her baby once she was about 1-year-old.

“I didn’t start climbing up the pole with her (in a carrier), until she was one or a little closer to two years of age,” Wright told the site. “There are moments in which she would rather spin around with me, than to sit on the floor and do something else. And I, as her mother, am completely okay with having to adjust my pole practice to have her on me.”

Since going viral back in January this year, Wright has used her new found fame to attract more people to the art of pole dancing.

On her blog, Ms. Wright’s Way, Wright calls herself a “badass breastfeeding, babywearing, attachment parenting, pole dancing, yogi mama.”

Wright told BabyCenter that to protect her daughter Shannon’s neck during the performance, she wrapped the little girl’s head so it would remain stable. She said Shannon watched educational videos on a cell phone as she danced.

As one would expect, she has had to explain and defend her decision to pole dance with her daughter and has taken down the original video that gave her a lot of attention.

Wright said that babywearing has helped her stay active while also tending to her daughter’s needs. She says she didn’t set out to breastfeed and pole dance at the same time, but it just naturally happened that way.

Her daughter is now two and copies her moves in some of the videos. Cute!

Editor’s note: Bravo for baby wearing and attachment parenting and pole dancing is a great way to stay fit. I tried a class once and totally sucked and will never be going back so hats off to those who can.

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