Brands are Releasing their Best Father’s Day TV Commercials Now


Father’s Day is around the corner and I have been thoroughly enjoying this year’s commercials centered around dads. We are used to seeing scores of vids about moms for Mother’s Day but I think at times, dads get the short end of the stick.

And to top it off, all the deadbeat dads out there make it hard for the good dads. Now they have to share their day because a lot of people, in social media anyway, like to wish single moms a happy Father’s Day. Further, because of the fathers who have dropped the ball on their responsibility, a lot of the women who they had children with also take the dad to express how their Happy Father’s Day greetings are reserved just for the good dads.

My goodness, there are even Father’s Day cards for single moms too. It was a controversy a few years back too when the Hallmark’s specialty line for African American women released the cards.



During Mother’s Day, you rarely see all the caveats but there are a plenty during Father’s Day. But I don’t want to add to the toxicity. Enjoy these great Father’s Day themed commercials some brands have released.



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