Father’s Day Video Dedications to Dads We Lost, In Military, Absentee or Locked Up


Father’s Day can be significantly difficult for people who did not grow up with their dads or whose dads are no longer with them because they have passed away. Also, some moms are doing it on their own because their spouses are enlisted in the military and serving abroad. Father’s Day can be tough for their kids.

Finally, the day can also be a challenging one for kids whose dads who are incarcerated or otherwise absentee. Here are our clutch video dedication for those pops.

Keep your head up kids and survivors or absentee fathers.

Dedication to the Dad who has passed on:

Dedication from an adult to the dad who abandoned him/her as a child:

Dedication to an enlisted and serving military dad:

Dedication to a dad who is a fallen soldier:

Dedication to a dad who is incarcerated:

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