The #CheerioChallenge is the Next Viral Sensation & It involves Babies!

cheerio stack challenge

Life of Dad‘s #CheerioChallenge is a viral hit! The social networking site for fathers launched the challenge on its Facebook page asking dads to stack cheerios 3 to 4 or more deep on their sleeping tots and photograph them.

cheerio challenge2

Next, doting parents are asked to share their photos in social media with the hashtag #CherriosChallenge. And…it’s taken off. Search the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or some other social media site and you will see some adorable snoozing babies and kids covered in precise towers of Cheerios!

We wonder if the popular cereal brand is behind this challenge. If it is, that is brilliant! If not, they ought to partner after the fact because this is such a fun challenge and one you’d want to share for sure.


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