Summer Trend: The Mom Jeans is Finally Hip

mom jeans

A few years back, people were ripping on the president of the United States for wearing “mom jeans.” It was hilarious until I stopped and paid attention to how jeans that mothers wear have gotten such a bad rap.

But it is true that after a baby, a c-section, a few stubborn added pounds that refuse to go away, a good pair of high-waisted comfortable pair of Lee jeans are a safe bet! It’s too bad that moms have a reputation for wearing jeans that fit and are worn around our waist. It’s a shame indeed. But we have a chance to redeem ourselves, moms.

We can be cool and hip too. * I do realize how un-cool and un-hip that sounds. * All jokes aside these tips rock! Check em out!


Check out Updated And Modern Ways To Wear Mom Jeans


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