Unlikely Trend: Modest Swimsuits Are In Demand


The trend toward more modest fashion coverage among the teen set is gaining momentum.

Recently, a 15-year old started a campaign on change.org pleading retailers to offer more modest fashions. And retailers are listening  because both teens themselves and their parents are driving the market toward more modest options.

This change also applies to the swim suit industry with more labels now  offering full coverage swim suits. They are in demand for several reasons:

  • As swim wear become more and more provocative, conservative parents want more options.
  • Many women are not comfortable having their body exposed in swimwear and prefer more material.
  • People of certain religions and sects like Muslim women and Orthodox Jews cannot have their body exposed in public.
  • Fair skinned people who sunburn easily and those with medical conditions that require limited sun exposure also need swimwear.

HydroChic is one such brand, founded by two women Sara Wolf and Daniella Teutsch who had challenge finding age-appropriate swimwear for pre-teens that’s fashionable but not skimpy. The New Rochelle, NY-based company offers more modest styling options for young girls, as well as missy & plus sized women. It also provides coverage, sun protection and chlorine resistance for young kids and ‘tweens’, as it does for the grown-up set.

“The vibrant, young swimwear line champions affordable fashion swimwear for the style-savvy girl who wants more coverage, either for greater sun protection, modesty or just personal taste,” co-founder Sara Wolf says.

The line has extra features including hidden zipper pockets and lightweight, fade resistant fabrics for young swimmers. Prices start at $78 for a two-piece set.

HydroChic is available at select stores throughout the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Israel, and online.

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