Having a Baby on a Budget Baby: A DIY Nursery Guide


If you have a baby on the way, chances are you’re looking forward to decorating the nursery. Decorating a nursery can be exciting time and important preparation process for both mom and dad. Unless you plan in advance and set a budget, furnishing the nursery can quickly become an expensive project. Using these tips, you can have a stylish and functional Nursery without spending a fortune, cast a glance over baby nursery ideas below and please leave your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

When you should decorate on a budget You may wish to decorate your Nursery with low funds for a variety of reasons but some of the most common ones are:

Low on funds Being low on funds can quickly put a damper on your decorating process but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nursery that is the Envy of the neighborhood

Unexpected emergency bills Nothing is more stressful then an unexpected bill, except maybe when the emergency bill comes and you just found out the great news (you’re pregnant)!

Buying brand new items can quickly wrack up quite the bill If you go out and purchase all the things you’ll need for a nursery plus some, you may spend the equivalent of a down payment for a brand new car.


The basic nursery setup Every Nursery should have these basics, and then some- but only if you can afford it. A well-equipped Nursery will have the following:

  • Crib We don’t recommend making your own crib specifically because crib manufacturers go through great lengths to ensure the safety of a crib. In addition to being a resting place for your, having a proper crib or sleeping arrangement for your child, can drastically lower the chances of your child succumbing to SIDS.
  • Mattress pad Mattress pads not only ensure that your infant will be comfortable and safe, it also saves you from having to do additional laundry for when the diaper leaks.
  • Sheets/fitted sheet Avoid purchasing a crib bedding set for your kiddo. Wait till they’re older (toddlers) when they can safely be trusted with a bedding set. Infants may roll over onto their stomach or suffocate with the extra bedding material. Play it safe and stick to a fitted sheet and maybe a crib skirting set.
  • Changing table Unless you enjoy bending over while trying to wrestle your child as you change his or her diaper, install a changing table as soon as possible. Not only will it make diaper changing easier, but it will also keep the supplies all in one central area so you no longer have to tear the house apart looking for the wipes.
  • Glider and ottoman-Rather than remove your child from the quietness of their own room, consider purchasing an ottoman and glider for those late-night feedings.
  • Diaper pail You don’t have to rush out and buy the Diaper Genie. Instead you can repurpose a cute trash can, or even make your own little diaper pail.
  • Mobile– Not only will a mobile provide entertainment for your growing child, it could also be handmade if you’re feeling crafty


Inspirational ideas Once you’ve acquired the basics for a well-equipped nursery you may want to look at creating your own furniture or nursery items using the following for inspiration:

Handmade rug A handmade rug can quickly inject personality into any room if you’re not sure the sex of your child just yet consider picking neutral colors

Nursery wall art– fabric squares and canvasses making your own wall art it’s as simple as picking up some fabric scraps at your local craft store and some canvases simply glue or so the fabric around the campuses and you have a cute but stylish wall decoration that didn’t cost a fortune

Storage boxes using recycled boxes and fabric material If you already have little ones running around chances are you have plenty of diaper boxes sitting around as well turn those diaper boxes into storage containers by wrapping them in burlap or a fabric of your choice you can add a ribbon 4 a bow for even more fun

Cute entertainment center as a clothes armoire Not all of us can afford a walk in closet filled with baby clothes but the next best thing is an armoire but you made personally by repurposing an entertainment center

photo: DIY

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