You Need Laundry Tips; These 16 Blogs Got You Covered

laundry tips

Laundry is one of those necessary evils that most people have to do every week.  Figuring out the easiest way to get out tough stains, like grease, food, sweat, ink and other stains, is important if you want to keep your clothes looking their best.  If you are trying to be eco-friendly with your laundry, you can try some of the tips you’ll find on these blog posts.  One of the nicest things about clean laundry is the fresh smell that your clothes have.  You’ll find blog entries to help you with laundry odors as well.  Check out these 25 blog articles to learn some new things about cleaning your laundry.

Greasy Stains

Unfortunately, greasy stains happen from time to time.  Maybe you spilled some food on your shirt or your kids used their pants for a napkin after eating some French fries.  If left alone, grease will not come out without being pretreated.  Once treated, grease stains should come out of your clothes.  Take a look at these five blog entries for tips on cleaning greasy stains out of clothing.

Organic Stains

Another common stain is an organic stain.  An organic stain could be fruit juice, chocolate, sweat, grass or any other non-greasy food.  These stains can be incredibly tough to get out, and may need to soak before being washed. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that you take care of the stain as soon as you notice it.  Look at these five blogs posts for the solutions to your organic stain needs.

Ink Stains

You’ve probably seen some comedy gag where one guy squirts another guy with a fake flower that was filled with ink, or suffered from a big ink stain in a dress shirt pocket because of a leaky pen.  Have you ever been holding a pen in your hand while you were carrying something, only to find that you drew on your shirt by accident?  These types of things happen.  Take a look at these five blog articles to find out the solution for getting rid of those pesky ink stains.


Over the years the chemicals for cleaning your laundry have become safer for the environment, but the detergent manufacturers still have some room for improvement.  The stain removers used by dry cleaners are especially harsh and aren’t great for the earth.  You can use ‘green’ detergents that are store bought, or try making your own eco-friendly detergent.  Check out these five blog posts to get some ideas.

Fresh Smelling

People like the fresh smell of clean clothes so well that the air freshener manufacturers have created a scent called “clean linen.”  Now you can have your house smell like clean laundry all the time, even when you aren’t doing any.  However, if you like the real thing you may want to read the following five blogs to find out how to get your laundry to smell clean and fresh.

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