Save Tons on Christmas Toys with this Toy Subscription Box

pley app

These days, you can rent about anything. From clothes, to handbags to appliances and now with the Pley app, you can rent toys!

With Christmas creeping around the corner, many parents know that all the toys they purchase for their children are usually abandon within months if not weeks after the Holidays are over.

That is a lot of money down the drain, but here is where toy rental maybe come in handy.

Pley will send your kids ordinarily expensive and the coolest toys but you get to send them back and get a new one when the novelty wears off.

It makes sense when you think about it. Kids only play with toys for a certain amount of time before abandoning them to the bottom of the toy chest. Those toys stay there until they get crushed by the weight of the toys on top of it or it’s time to go to the Goodwill to clean out the toy room.

The company was started by a parent, Ranan Lachman, who wanted his kids to spend less time in front of digital screens and more time enriching their creativity and minds with LEGO® play.  After he and his wife spent thousands of dollars getting new LEGO toys, they invented Pley to avoid breaking the bank.

Leveraging the sharing economy, Pley makes it possible for families to save as much as 70% on toys that tend to be short-lived, eliminates clutter while reducing waste.

Pley also donates a toy to underprivileged child for every new member. Nice!

Check out Pley and consider signing up today!



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