What You Should Know about the Maternal Diet-Kid Allergy Link (INFOGRAPHIC)


Listen, I confess that I really am not up on the latest information about food allergies for babies, children, or adults. I should be given I am raising three of my own children and they all have seasonal allergies and are susceptible, perhaps, to developing other types of allergies.

The research, data and studies conflict one another and can be overwhelming. XTend, a New Zealand-based company which is the world’s leading manufacturers and sellers of high quality health supplements and skincare products, offered to help me out by sharing with me the results of a recent study it conducted of over 400 mothers to ascertain what are the common misconceptions they hold about allergies.

Here is the good news: I am not alone, most moms, including pregnant women, are blase or clueless, so I don’t feel like I am the only “bad mom.”

Here is the bad news: I am not alone, most moms, including pregnant women, are blase or clueless. We shouldn’t be. You can check out some of the survey results that are summarized over at XTend’s website here; and give a scan to this handy infographic they assembled for those of us who are overwhelmed with information and learn better with visuals. (* raises hand *)

Women who are expecting need to know how what they eat while they are pregnant can impact their child’s dietary restrictions after born.

Allergies and the Maternal Diet

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