DJ Khaled Snapchats his Son’s Birth, Internet Goes Wild


DJ Khaled is one of those celebrities who has a ginormous Snapchat following and has really taken off as an artist and a social media personality using that site.  Recently,  he went BIG when shared the birth of his son to that audience of this week when his fiance Nicole Tuck welcomed the couple’s first child.

The Internet went wild with its response!

In a series of snaps, Khaled  shared vids of himself listening to Bob Marley, Arabic prayer chants and finally his own music, while Tuck labored, pushed and eventually gave birth to baby Asahd Tuck Khaled on Sunday, October 23rd.  Some fans were cool with it and still others thought it was TMI.

He did give us all a heads up because he told Jimmy Kimmel his intentions back in June, Time reports!

When asked about Tuck’s thoughts on it, he said: “The key is that I’m the king and every queen should support the king. I’m going to talk to the doctor and if the doctor says everything is gonna run smooth, meaning that we wanna make sure that the queen is right and my son is right. If it’s running smooth where I can just do my thing, I’mma Snapchat the whole thing.”

Kourtney Kardashian delivered her own baby on national TV on her reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It’s like our new normal.

Here ya go, if you haven’t seen it! One YouTube user put all the clips together and uploaded them here:

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