Thanksgiving: Celebrity Maternity What to Wear Guide

what to wear

Whether you are hosting or heading over to the relatives today to celebrate Thanksgiving, you’re going to want to be comfortable if you’re expecting. Hot apartments or houses, overheated from the residents and occupants baking, boiling, stirring and frying stuff all day and hot a*&s fall sweater dresses don’t mix.

Really, that  combo is a proverbial “recipe for disaster” when you become irritable at having sweaty underboob, combined with your back ache and being slightly annoyed at everyone. And it won’t end well, especially if the dinner conversation ever veers towards politics! Oy!

Save yourself the stress and anxiety — and having to mend fences after you tell off your great uncle for his voting choices – by just keeping cool in one of these Thanksgiving outfits.

Our go to pick: wear a comfy collared maternity shirt over stretchy jeans.

A wrap dress in a jersey material with lots of give is a perfect alternative to hot sweater dresses that are common around this time a year but are a no-no for a mom-to-be. Also a wrap dress can be dressed up with elegant jewelry and wearing your hair up or in a bun or dressed down and worn under a denim jacket or sweater and with flat boots.

If you want to add a little bit of chicness to your outfit, you can throw on a nice silk scarf or layer a tank and a cropped leather jacket over your jersey top and fun but comfy maternity leggings.

Have it your way. A relaxed dressing style for the Thanksgiving dinner is the ultimate way to go! Here is a style guide we assembled compliments of our friends at Shopstyle!

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