You can Raise a Smart Child & These Free Online Resources Can Help


I am a big believer in nourishing a child’s natural curiosity and I love the fact that my family and friends do as well. Occasionally, they send me some great resources and articles out there that fit within that interest and goal.

Of course, I do not hold on to any information for myself.  I usually want to share it with my audience of moms, parents, caregivers and others who are interested in educating, instructing and growing conscientious, alert, and bright children!

A friend found a sponsored post on Cool Mom Picks where the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (or CTY) had curate a great list of resourceful free educational online tools and resources that help support a child’s natural curiosity.

The content is great for parents who are interested in supplementing their child’s education, educators or homeschoolers. My friend’s daughter is one of the genius kids hand selected to be a part of the CTY so I am a big believer in this program, its goals and the outcome.

Check out the awesome post here!

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