After Baby, this App helps Extended Families Schedule Casserole Delivery


A relatively new desktop app is on the market for brand new moms who may need support from family and friends after having her baby. One of our blogger reviewers and blog friends just had her baby and she had a very difficult delivery.

A lot of people have generously offered to make her family meals while she spends an extended time in recovery. But, as you can imagine, that is a set up for more food than one can eat and a lot of spoilage and thrown out casseroles.

Enter Meal Train. Family, friends and colleagues can organize and schedule meals for a new mom, or anyone who is dealing with surgery recovery or an illness. It’s relatively simple to set up an account and sign up.

The company estimates that 2 million people from 40 different countries use the service each month. Plans start at free. There is a $10 plan for those that want to make arrangements for more than meals: childcare, housework, visitors, meals, lawncare, rides. Finally, there is an option for those organizing potlucks as well that is free!


Here is a NBC Nightly News report about the service:

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